Thursday, March 31, 2011

12WBT - 31/03/11

It's the end of March!  Holy moly, Batman!  Where's the year going?  It's escaping on me and I'm not sure I like the feeling.

Had my meetings and - as an added bonus (for me) - have almost finished typing up all the reports I need to do from the meetings.  God I'm good.  Well, when I'm not being bad, that is ;)

I need to vent and you're going to cop it - feel free to ignore this rant.  

So, I've been told for the last couple of months about the potential of a new job for me at work.  From the sounds of things, it's now not going to happen.  I've also been told that I'm worth more than what I'm being paid currently but my "position isn't worth more".  So if you put these stories together, it's clear that there's not much chance of me progressing any further.  This displeases me muchly as the powers that be are aware that I'm bored senseless in my current job.  It's not that there's nothing to do - God, that would be even worse.  It's that I'm not challenged, and what I do have to do that is challenging I've been told should be paid at a higher level (and I can't get my teeth into it because of the normal, day-to-day, unchallenging rubbish).  I've only been in the job for seven months and I'm about to start a job hunt.  I hate doing this, but it's something that I've got to do.  (Having the motivation to finish my PhD would help, too - that's starting from next month...shite, tomorrow!).  I hate the idea of job hunting.  I hate the idea because I still don't know what I want to do - I have plenty of ideas in mind but whether or not I've got the experience is another thing.  It still irks me that 20 year olds these days can seem to walk into jobs with no experience or qualifications but Generation X-ers don't seem to have this luxury.

I'm a bit worried that this is going to hang over my head and upset my applecart, so-to-speak.  I don't want it to stress me out as that's when I go back to ways of old (blocks of choccy, bags of crisps etc - you get the idea).  I hope that I'll be able to instead reach for the treadmill or something instead.

Well, reaching for the treadmill worked tonight.  A lot more relaxed about things...  And no choccy or crisps were hurt (just ignored - lol) ;)  I guess being so tired (as Wifey and I both are) is not helping matters as I often dwell on things too much - without actually fully formulating a thought ;)

Breakfast: Skippy rissole & boiled egg
Lunch: pumpkin & kumara & chickpea soup
Dinner: pumpkin & kumara & chickpea soup

Treadmill again :)
Time: 1:23
Calories: 1015
Average HR: 138
Max HR: 163
In zone: 45:34

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