Monday, March 21, 2011

12WBT - 17/03/11

Happy St Paddy's day!

I thought it was going to be my last after hanging up a pic of one of the girls at work (Irish) next to the Queen ;)  I did redeem myself by also hanging up the Irish flag in her office.  It was fun - not too OTT.  Lots of laughter - particularly at the expense of the Irish colleen ;)

When I got home it was to get ready & head to the gym.  In my mind, the great plan was 15min treadmill, 15min cycle, 20min cross trainer, 10min treadmill.  Yeah, didn't happen.  I stayed on the treadmill for the whole hour and boy did I enjoy it.  Even though I felt semi-knackered, I also felt that it flushed out the stress & negativity.  I tried to use the time to reevaluate my standing in the program - that is, my absolute lack of motivation (as per yesterday's gripe).  Wasn't much good though.  I just kept zoning out.  Well, I zoned out until the elephant got on the treadmill next to me.  He was just a runt of a bloke but ran like an elephant - so much so that I my machine was wobbling about and I kept losing balance.  It was most likely worse 'cos I had the elevation on 10-12% (that kills after a while).

I know that this week has been bad in terms of what I've been eating.  It's also been bad for exercise (not terribly, but not what I planned to achieve).  Once I get myself into a routine again, I'll be right...I hope...

Breakfast: two naked wholemeal crumpets
Lunch: sandwich (cheese, ham, spinach, capsicum)
Dinner: 12WBT chicken & broccolini laksa

Wifey went to the PT and I went for the treadmill...
Time: 1:11
Calories: 969
Average HR: 145
Max HR: 174
In zone: 33:16

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