Friday, March 25, 2011

12WBT - 24/03/11

So, while Wifey was being put through the mills by PT, I spent yet another hour on the treadmill (it was only meant to be 15min but then I thought "I'll just go to Xkm", then "I'll just go to Xcals", before "I'll just go to Xmin" - vicious cycle!).  It did get me wondering more about how the hell machines work out calories burnt?  I've wondered it before and am not 100% convinced about their accuracy (I tend to use them as a measurement to compare the effort I put into things).  Why was I wondering about this?  Well!  I was getting very annoyed that, according to the treadmill (which I know is not necessarily the wisest machine), I didn't appear to be burning many calories.  I know it's not the be-all and end-all of things but it annoyed me enough to make me think about it.  After the hour, the treadmill told me I'd burnt 630 calories.  Not impressed with this really but oh well, I would've looked like a knob had I argued with the machine...  My HRM, however, told me different.  I like the HRM more ;)

I noticed the other day my throat was getting a bit sore...and glands were up a bit.  Didn't stop me going into work and being a bit less than productive.  Managed to get all sorts of things done - but nothing substantial.  There was a big meeting going on, which, very luckily, I wasn't involved with and the office was very much like a morgue.  A good day to slack a wee bit, huh?

Breakfast: 2 naked crumpets
Lunch: salad (rocket & spinach, onion, tomato, egg, capsicum)
Dinner: chicken mince vermicelli (snow peas, broccoli, zucchini, corn kernels)

Time: 1:00
Calories: 961 (compared to the treadmill, this is more like it!)
Average HR: 160
Max HR: 176
In zone: only 15:01

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