Monday, March 21, 2011

12WBT - 20/03/11

A nothing day.  Literally.  Lunched out at 2060 in Waverton then got groceries.  I dozed on the couch for an hour or so.   That was pretty much it.  Oh, we watched the last episodes of The Tudors :(  Have to find something else to watch on the weekends now - the downside to still waking up at stupid o'clock on weekend mornings!  Bah ;)

With the shite weather - it was a good day to do nothing.  I know, I know - excuses...

Breakfast: cereal (granola) with LF Greek yoghurt & honey
Lunch: BLT with fries
Dinner: pizza (prosciutto, capsicum, chilli)

None at all.  So bloody lazy!

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