Monday, March 28, 2011

12WBT - 28/03/11

Tell me why I don't like Mondays!  Well, it's not 'cos I wanna sho-ooo-ooo-ooot the whole day down.  I disliked it today because our shower still can't be used and I had to have a bath and I hate not having my daily shower.  Showering wakes me up and makes me feel alive.  ALIVE I tell you!  Hahahahahahaha. (Also, not showering may lead to mild insanity - just sayin'.)

Had to stay back late for a meeting at work.  Usually I don't mind but really, is it the most productive use of my time?  I think not.  What it now means is that I don't get home at a time I'm happy with (that gives me time to sort my life out and head up to the gym - and on a Monday, it means missing spin :( ).

Actually, I've neglected the gym a bit.  I keep saying it and still don't manage to do anything about it.  Starting off on the wrong foot for this season hasn't done me any favours.  If anything, my motivation to do something about it needs a swift kick up the arse (as do I!).  It may sound silly, but I've also stopped using my diary again.  I think this may be part of the problem (only a teeny-tiny part, mind).  I know Mish talked about it last year (possibly this year too, but I'm admitting not having paid any attention to the vids etc :( ).  I liked it last year and have just slacked off this year.

Ugh.  Can't find any music to listen to.  I mean, I can, just nothing I feel like listening to.  That reminds me, must update my shuffle for the treadmill this week - last week I wasn't impressed with some of the music there that made me want to stick my head in the working mechanisms (okay, there was only one Leonard Cohen song - but it was more than enough - haha).

I'm back.  Did you miss me?  I actually just reminded myself that I couldn't remember where my connector for the shuffle was and had to find it.  Not an easy task.  Had to 'borrow' Wifey's one ;)

My mind is all over the place today - what's up with that?  Normally it's on off mode.  Meh.  Guess I'll suffer later on when I crash and burn.

Wifey's out at a work dinner tonight so I'm home alone - fending for myself.  Bet I do a lazy dinner...maybe do something as I make our lunches (well, her lunch - tomorrow is Wagamama day at work - huzzah!) - if I can even be bothered making something. 

Made something.  Essentially it was a lazy lunch made into a dinner for me ;)   Nothing wrong with that though...when I say nothing, I mean not much - could've always been worse.  Damn it!  Where's that cloud with the silver lining hiding?

Breakfast: puffed wheat, 8 grapes (apparently these are a no-no, unless only having a few), linseed and stuff, rolled oats (the low GI to counter the grapes I guess), yoghurt with cinnamon
Lunch: salad (cos lettuce, capsicum, chedder cheese (dunno how that fell in there!), tomato, cottage cheese)
Dinner: cos lettuce, cherry tomato, capsicum, ham

Foul mood because the train was packed and I was running late for spin.  If only my foul moods killed calories - wowee, that would be brill!  Oh, yeah.  Got home around 6.10pm, too late to get to spin class so I sulked - I'm good like that (just ask anyone who knows me! ;-) ).

PS: I wasn't on drugs at the time of writing the above - may seem like it, but wasn't.

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