Monday, March 21, 2011

12WBT - 21/03/11

Today started with me having to go into work later than usual (as I'd given my swipe card to a colleague on Friday night).  This put me off kilter as I was on a semi-packed train and wasn't able to have breakfast before starting work in earnest.  Was straight into things - including a meeting that took up most of the morning (what it didn't take up, doing things as a result of it chewed into my day).

Because I had no breakfast, I was starving by mid-morning.  It was therefore a bad thing that they provided scones for morning tea!  I had two (with jam & cream).  That kept me going until lunch, fortunately.  I was meant to have lunch with everyone else, but the food wasn't as healthy looking as the salad I brought in ;)

When I got home (fortunately missing the downpours of rain - it's been a poxy few days, but should be good for the gardens!) I changed into gym gear and relaxed until Wifey arrived.  Despite the rain, we still walked to & from the gym.  The rain was a hell of a lot heavier on the way home - I was like a drowned rat!

Our joint PT session was today (instead of on Friday - since neither PT or Wifey can make it then).  This was a fun, though tough, session.  We used some machines that made the exercises fun (gravity machines - something like that).  Worked our core and upper body - even when I got home, I could feel what it had done in my tummy (my poor tummy, I think, was a bit shocked by the workout it got - lol).  Sadly, going tonight meant I missed my favourite Monday night spin class - second week running :(

Doing dinner was too much of a chore - so Wifey did it ;) haha  Sadly, I still had to get breakfasts ready (Wifey is having leftovers - easy-peasy!) and help with dishes.  Life's tough, eh? ;)

Breakfast: nothing :(
Snack: 2 scones with jam & cream
Lunch: salad (rocket, onion, chilli, cottage cheese, capsicum)
Dinner: Mexican mince (using Quorn - YUM! - capsicum, onion, chilli).  I also had a pita bread as well...

Joint PT session on the gravity machine-thing.  Really must start remembering to turn HRM on before the session & not after I've already started ;)
Time: 52:33
Calories: 569
Average HR: 128
Max HR: 164
In zone: 26:16

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