Monday, March 14, 2011

12WBT - 10/03/11

Today was just another day in the office - and at home.  Nothing exciting happened.  Mucked about at work (i.e., went in to show that I'm there - in body only, of course!) and then came home.  Thursdays are those kinds of days, mid-week, where there's no excitement.

Oh, I shouldn't say that!  Thursdays are the second spin class of the week.  Huzzah!  I'm not as fussed about the instructor on Thursdays as I am about the one on Mondays.  Just sayin'.  He's a bit of a knob at times but at least I enjoy the class.  He was able to give a bit more info about the "spin marathon" though.  Turns out it's next Tuesday night - a 90 minute class.  So pumped about that one :)  Will have to go up early to make sure I get a spot.

After the gym we headed up the road to get a semi-healthy (in my head, anyway) alternative for dinner.  Home is looking a wee bit 'Mother Hubbard-y' at the mo'.

Breakfast: two naked crumpets
Lunch: gluten-free wrap (capsicum, quinoa, egg, beetroot)
Dinner: gluten-free burger bun, lamb rissole, lettuce, onion...and chips :s

Spin class.
Time: 50:02
Calories: 702
Average HR: 147
Max HR: 165
In zone: 43:22 (hey, that's not too bad for me)

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