Tuesday, March 8, 2011

12WBT - 08/03/11

Haven't I been a slack arse?  I've been popping in and jotting notes (for fear of forgetting) just ain't uploaded.  I could've sworn I had done some but blogger would tell me otherwise.  Thank God I had put things - I struggle to remember what I'd eaten earlier in the day let alone a few days ago.  So, sorry.  Very remiss of me (assuming anyone is reading these still - if you are, methinks you might need to see someone ;) ).

It was a full day at work today.  I'm not sure how, but I survived it - haha.  Did what I had to and pottered about (seems to be the story of my life - if I'm not 'pottering about', I'm 'arsing about'...).  A few dramas at work which, fortunately, didn't involve me but the flow-on effect is quite broad-sweeping.

After lunch at Wagamama's last Tuesday, about 8 of us have decided that it will be our weekly escape!  It's even in our diaries (courtesy of one of the managers - lol).  Now that I'm not eating meat all day...and am resorting to a "normal" diet, I resorted to a bento box.  Mmm.  Chicken teriyaki & yasai gyoza.  Bloody juicer wasn't working...again.  Had to have an iced tea, which isn't that bad ;)

When I got home from work the intention was to go for a walk.  The reality was I fixed up the missing blog entries (hence the ramble at the start of today's entry).  Man, sometimes I wish I understood what my brain was thinking at the time of writing notes for myself.  How on earth am I to know what I meant by "don't forget about ..."?  What was the "..." I wonder?  Meh, couldn't have been important in the grand scheme of things :)

All of a sudden it's dinner time.  I know this as Wifey's just sent a text saying she's on her way.  Crap!  I'm cooking...

...So dinner was nice & easy.  Tofu & veggies :)  No mess, no fuss.  I was planning on dessert, but it didn't happen (would've meant dirtying another pot ;) ).  A scrummy meal, even if I did cook it myself!

Breakfast: two naked crumpets (I's like a bit of crumpet in the mornin' ;) )
Lunch: bento box (chicken teriyaki, rice, edamame, yasai gyoza) & iced tea
Dinner: tofu & vegetables (supposed to be on a skewer but I couldn't be bothered with the faff) - eggplant, zucchini, capsicum

My blog has been ignored and I had to spend time on it ;)

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