Monday, March 28, 2011

12WBT - 26/03/11

Having gone to bed around 2.30am, getting up in time for the plumber (arriving at 7.30am) was a bit difficult.  Compound that with being a bit 'blocky' in the head and you have a day where moving fast became a chore.  I had to remain awake while the plumber was here - for three hours.  Ugh.  Once he left, however, moving was no longer a problem.  I lay down and died.  Not literally.  It could be a bit weird it I literally died.  I might have difficulty in keeping this blog up - more difficulty than I'm having at the best of times!

That was the day.  Struggling to stay awake - then crashing!

Breakfast: cereal & yoghurt
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: nothing

Breathing and keeping eyes open (aka, weightlifting).

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