Monday, March 14, 2011

12WBT - 11/03/11

Fridays are usually a 'bludge' day around our office (but, shhh, I didn't say that).  Today was, unfortunately for me, the exception to this unwritten (and unspoken) rule.  I had to sit in on a meeting all day.  It. Was. Boring.  At one point I almost fell asleep.  I tried my old, trusted & true trick of taking notes to help me stay awake.  This didn't work!  I can't even read what I wrote (which is normal, but today because I was 95% asleep, it was much worse - haha).  Oh well.

The problem with this meeting was that during our 30min lunch break, I had to go back to my desk and that ended my lunch break!  Seven phone calls and a few emails later, it was time to go back into the meeting.  By the time it ended and I got home, I was fair starving.  Ended up popping over to the shop at the station and buying a pie & sausage roll.  Not the best things to have, but I had to have something quick smart - especially with a PT session.

Wifey and I actually got home at the same time, which is almost unheard of in our house.  Mind you, the fact that it was in time to quickly change and head up to the gym may've had something to do with that ;)  I'm starting to enjoy the gym sessions now - even if it's not all cardio (my fav).  PT has got us doing things that have a bit of cardio in there (just to keep me happy, I think).  I do need to get my motivation back though.  Since I did that dumbass nutrition plan, motivation has waned to the point of almost non-existence.  I keep saying "next week" but it has to happen soon otherwise I fear it never will!

After the gym it was home to have dinner.  The laksa recipe from the program is a good 'un.  I enjoy that :) The fact that it's so quick and easy is just an added bonus for me - haha.  We've got the plumber coming around to have a look at the shower in the morning so we're having a bit of a tidy up, too (extreme exercise there - especially after the gym session - lol).

Nothing until a pie & sausage roll after work at 4.30pm :(
Dinner: 12WBT laksa (chicken, capsicum, broccolini, sprouts)

PT session - working on the whole body.  This is the program PT gave me a couple of weeks back, which is surprisingly fun (you won't hear me say that too often!).
Time: 1:00
Calories: 719
Average HR: 134
Max HR: 171
In zone: 35:39

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