Monday, March 21, 2011

12WBT - 18/03/11

Didn't go to PT session today.  That means a week with no PT - yay! :s  Nah, I've got the coolest PT around - given the amount of lip I give her, she still smiles when I come back.  Also, one of my workmates has a PT who dishes out "punishment" sessions.  I wouldn't respond to that at all!

It was just another day in the office.  We were in casual clothes today - not conducive to working; but in saying that, even though there seemed to be a lot more chatting etc, we all still managed to churn through a lot - mainly small, fiddly things that usually get put off.  It was great.  Only prob for me was that I had a constant feeling of being hungry.  I didn't like it.  My lunch ended up being a morning tea!  This wasn't too bad - a group of us headed out to Wagamamas for lunch.  I adore Wagamamas and don't think I could ever get sick of it.  It's most likely not the healthiest food, but it's by no means the unhealthiest!

Even though I didn't go to see PT - or go to the gym, for that matter - I did end up having a workout.  Our social club arranged an evening at the bowling lanes.  This included 30min of laser tag; a game of bowls; and pool table hire.  Awesome!  We were all dripping with sweat after the laser tag - all pumped about the prospect of another round at some point in the not too distant future :)  Well fun and a great workout - zipping & zagging around the room.

Breakfast: slice of banana bread
Snack: mountain bread wrap (spinach, shredded chicken & creamed corn)
Lunch: spicy yasai itame (spicy veggies & noodles)
Dinner: bar snacks (vege pizza, wedges, chicken skewer)

Running around at laser strike & bowling (wish I had the HRM with me!)

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