Tuesday, March 1, 2011

12WBT - 01/03/11

It's March.  Already.  When the hell did that happen?  What've I been doing for the last two months?  Arrrrrrgh.  'Tis a sign I'm getting, well, not younger.  Honestly though, is anyone else feeling that time is just flying by?  The next thing you'll be telling me it's the end of the 12WBT and I'll be all, like, 'whoa'. ;)

Have the in-laws coming down for a few days.  House is a mess.  Not dirty messy - more...can't be arsed putting anything away.  Guess what I ended up doing when I got home? ;)  Couldn't be bothered doing the whole joint so left the study for tomorrow (hey, it's easy - open filing cabinet and dump stuff in.  Presto!).   I know it's not exercise but at least it wasn't coming home and putting my feet up in front of the tele like I originally planned to do...

Am hoping to start feeling better soon.  Still haven't gotten over the tiredness.  Should come soon enough.  Have an RDO on Friday so very much hanging out for that one.  Not sure what I'll do - most likely keep the in-laws entertained.  I'm lucky with them - they're lovely people and easy to spend time with.

Had a good day at work - kinda.  It was productive and I learned how to do something new.  Whether or not I can do it again, who knows!  A group of us went out for lunch, which is always welcomed.  It's now a standing "meeting" - scheduled each week.  Much more enjoyable than my last job.


Meal 1 (7am)
140g kangaroo rissole
1 boiled egg
Meal 2 (10.30am)
100g lamb fillet
mixed seeds
Meal 3 (12.30pm)
Wagamama Chicken salad (didn't eat the carrot or grapefruit or wonton bits):
[poached chicken, sweet red grapefruit, red onion, spring onion, carrots and snow peas in a tamarind and orange dressing served on a bed of mixed leaves with thai basil and coriander garnished with fried wonton skins]
1 apple, mint & lime juice
2 x multi supplements
Meal 4 (4.15pm)
90g chicken breast
Steamed broccoli
Meal 5 (7.30pm)
Mexican spiced veal mince
(something else - can't remember what now) - something green...

Crap - from next week I'll be SO much better at this...

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