Friday, March 25, 2011

12WBT - 25/03/11

Felt like rubbish today.  Went into work but ended up coming home around 11am and crashing when I got in.  I was sitting at my desk when I started getting cold shivers - poor ol' finger nails were even turning blue.  Also had a couple of waves of nausea.  I think I needed the bit of extra sleep as when I woke up, I was feeling marginally better.  At least I'd warmed up some.

I'm pleased I did feel better as a friend asked me out to a Bee Gees tribute show - just for the shits & giggles of it.  By the time we drove - in peak hour traffic - to pick up a couple of other friends and then went to the show, it was nearly 2.5 hours later.  Good job we left early otherwise it would've been a lot longer.  The show was good; dinner before the show was good too - just really didn't enjoy it in the end as I over ate (not terribly, but more than I really should've) - making matters worse, it was Chinese, so really not good for me.  PT is going to kill me for that!

Breakfast: boiled egg
Lunch: left over chicken mince vermicelli
Dinner: Chinese (small serving boiled rice, sweet & sour portk, 1 spring roll, vegetables)


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