Wednesday, March 30, 2011

12WBT - 30/03/11

I was involved in meetings all day today.  Will be the same tomorrow.  Can't you just feel the enthusiasm oozing out of this page?  It's kinda boring.  Elements are interesting - but often few and far (very far!) betwixt.

Actually - now that I'm back from the meetings, they were bloody good today.  Bring on tomorrow.  Ha!  I did manage to rejuggle things so that I'm done at noon.  Huzzah and yay me!  That could mean that my plan for world domination - erm, wait, that's another blog entry...  My plan for finishing work at 3.30 so I can be at the gym by 4ish could pan out.  Yay.  

Bollocks!  It's not going to work like that.  Wifey has her 1:1 with PT at 5.30 so I'll just go up with her then.  Oh well, at least I'll still go up :)

I did that today, actually.  No, not went up with Wifey to her 1:1 session - finished work at 3.30pm.  By the time I caught a train and got home and changed it was just gone 4pm.  I was on the treadmill by 4.15 though.  That, my friends, was pretty good going for me.  I only managed to misplace one thing...but found I was getting ready to leave :)

Spent another hour on the treadmill.  Really enjoyed the fact that the gym is so empty at 4.15pm!  Means that as it's starting to fill up, I'm walking out the door heading home (all nice and sweaty!).  I didn't mean to spend the whole hour on it.  It's becoming a bad habit.  I'm perhaps a little too competitive with myself.  If I can get to X km by X time or within X calories then I'll stop.  Or, I'll just go for three more minutes and get off at 20mins...I'll just go for 4.5mins and get off at 25mins...  It's bloody annoying but I just can't stop myself - I do thoroughly enjoy it though.  Can't wait for next Monday when I start going back to spin again.  It's been WAY too long and I miss it lots :(

Ahh - best go and start prepping dinner.  We're having the chicken laksa (adapted from the 12WBT :D ).  I'm so the biggest fan of this dish - especially when I put in way too much red curry paste and my eyes want to roll back in my head when I eat it.  That's the best part by far!

Okay - I didn't put in anywhere near enough curry paste.  BAH!  No eye rolling tonight :(  This saddens me.  Next time - I'll double my normal doubled amount.  Yeeehaaaw, baby!

Breakfast: Skippy rissole, boiled egg, puffed rice (with linseed etc & oats), yoghurt (with cinnamon) & blueberries
Lunch: one samosa and 1 mini beef melt thing
Dinner:  12WBT chicken laksa (this is so my favourite dish from the whole program!!!)

Finally back on to this!  Treadmill.
Time: 1:14 (includes walk home 'cos I forgot to turn it off - 1:05 was on the treadmill)
Calories: 1209
Average HR: 161
Max HR: 179
In zone: 15:36 (this was most likely the cool down & walk home!)

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