Monday, March 7, 2011

12WBT - 03/03/11

Today I was hoping for a nice, quiet day.  Not much to ask in life, but I think people at work missed the memo sent in my head.  Silly people.  Don't they know I'm important and can't be expected to do things as well as think them ;)  The phones went mad (phones?  Phone.  Singular, actually).

Besides work, I did nothing today.  All my intentions of doing a million and one things went out the window as soon as I got home.  *poof*  Just like that.  Mind you, I think sitting down and thinking about them was my downfall.  All of a sudden it was time to head off to the gym (granted, it was 4.30pm ;) ).  

I was in a much better mood with things this week (at the PT session I mean).  I wasn't rude to PT and I didn't say no to anything.  We had a good laugh and I was even much more attentive to what she was telling me to do - I paid attention to why, as well (but for the life of me don't ask what she was on about now - memory like a goldfish have I).

I did tell PT that my diet was about to go out the window with the visit from the in-laws as Wifey's mum is making blinis for dinner tomorrow night.  Mmm...blinis.  So bad yet SO good ;)

Wifey was out west for work and didn't get home until later than she planned - this threw all our plans out the window.  I was mucking about making sure things were ready for the in-laws visit (which will be tomorrow and not today) and didn't think about dinner until Wifey got home and it was too late for us to even be arsed thinking about it!  Dinner out?  Umm, sure!  Healthy dinner out?  Nope.  Closest place works (never again though - ugh!).


Meal 1 (7.10am)
2 x 100g kangaroo rissoles (I know, more than I'm meant to have...)
Meal 2 (10.25am)
1 x boiled egg

Meal 3 (12.30pm)
Salad - steamed broccoli & green beans; lentils; 125g can four bean mix; cherry tomatoes
1 x boiled egg

Meal 4 (4.30pm)
3 slices roast beef
Meal 5
Very naughty and had nachos...  I tried but we were both so pooped and couldn't be bothered cooking...or doing dishes (especially at 8pm!)

PT session :)  One-on-one doing a full body workout program that PT whipped up for me.  The part I feared the most was SO much fun (kinda - in that sick, twisted way that only exercise can bring out in you) - Russian step ups.  AWESOME!
Time: 1:16
Calories: 774
Average HR: 124
Max HR: 172
In zone: 30:24

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