Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12WBT - 23/03/11

Bonjour!  For some weird reason, I'm in a very good head space today.  I'm scared.  I'm very scared.

Weigh-in day didn't help the start of the day.  I gave the scales a new speech today (perhaps trying reverse psychology on them).  Actually, I said weigh-in didn't help the start of the day but you know what, with hindsight, I think it did.  Today I couldn't give a rats what the scales said.  I jumped on ready to take whatever they told me (for today I felt that they were in a position of knowing better than I - that's a massive concession on my part too, I must add!).

Work was ho-hum.  I swung by one of the manager's offices to suggest organising a blood drive (now that we've got the Red Cross over the road from us).  Since leaving London, I've been shocking and haven't donated :(  I now feel the need to give back (not that I've taken any!).  The funny thing was she was going in to see the CEO about the very same thing!  Great minds and all that - haha

Lunch ended up not being the sandwich I carefully made last night, but pizza out with the workmates.  Hmm.  This is becoming a bad precedent.  Oh well.  Social is good :)  I'm getting better with choices though (yeah, yeah - pizza's not the best choice but the other options included pasta dishes etc).  Working in the CBD is actually quite bad for this...  Oh well.  Let's see if I can improve on what I eat rather than just eating any bad food that sounds scrummy at the time.

Wifey was home late (around 7.30pm) so we went out for a light Italian dinner.  Oh boy...not looking good food-wise this week, but then again, there seem to be a lot of fish dishes on the menu - not to mention the terrible zucchini & broccoli bake (with leftovers) (that dish does nothing for Wifey or I!).  To be fair, we haven't really been sitting down with the menus to look over them and adapt them like we did last year.  We talk about doing it, but that's as far as we get...

Breakfast: 2 naked crumpets & a slice of banana bread
Lunch: pizza (this was a last minute decision to go out with people...)
Snack: sandwich (chicken, rocket & spinach, egg, hummus, cottage cheese, tomato)
Dinner: pasta (penne): aglio olio

Walking around trying to find somewhere for lunch (wouldn't have been half as difficult if people didn't get in our bloody way - how dare people have lunch at lunchtime...when we want to!).

Dreaded weigh-in
Despite expecting to put on weight this week, I surprised myself by managing to drop 2.1kg.  It took 2 weeks to lose the 4kg I put on.  I'm not happy I put it on, but I'm pleased I've managed to get rid of it.  All up, I've lost 1.3kg in the last month (actually more than that given I packed the pounds on a couple of weeks ago - haha).

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