Tuesday, April 5, 2011

12WBT - 01/04/11

What a fizzer April Fools turned out to be in our office this year.  It wasn't so much that people weren't into it, it was a case of people being so flat out that they didn't have time.  We had three big meetings going on making people less inclined to partake in the jovial nature of the day.  The one big prank we had going didn't work well.  The instigators hadn't thought about the follow-through - and the victim was a bit of a sore loser.  Ahh well.  There's always 2013...

When I got home from work (early, I might add - yay for having a later day earlier in the week), the sun was shining in the bedroom window so I thought I'd soak up some of the rays from the comfort of the bed...and then I woke up when Wifey called to say she was on her way home for the PT session.  Oops!  Luckily it was only a wee grandpa nap for an hour.
PT session was mildly enjoyable.  We did weights, which I'm still not a fan of really.  I much prefer cardio but PT is making me do weights.  Worse things happen at sea though.  It was a full body workout tonight - upper & lower.  I was coping fine with almost everything, except the bloody press ups.  I think, because it was nearly time, my body was over it and just wanted to stop.  I persevered though - for what it was worth.

After the gym we had dinner.  Wasn't the best meal for us, but we were both famished...and tired.  Going out wasn't planned - it just meant that we had a bit more of a walk after the workout - and didn't have to do dishes!

Breakfast: puffed rice, strawberries & yoghurt
Snack: skippy rissole
Lunch: spicy pumpkin, kumara & chickpea soup (the soup that lasts forever!)
Dinner: lamb rissole, salad...& chips
PT session - weights (upper & lower)
Time: 1:01
Calories: 597
Average HR: 121
Max HR: 163
In zone: 32:36

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