Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 15/04/11

Still knackered.  Being in a dead quiet office sure doesn't help matters!  Almost straight after dinner last night I zonked out.  Fell asleep on the couch before 8.30pm - completely dead to the world.  I think this is what I least I hope it was!

Wifey called in for lunch today, which was a nice surprise.  She was dragged around the office to meet people she only hears about.  They all sympathised with her :( haha  We went up to my fav place for lunch (yep - Wagamamas, baby!).  Wandered around the city for a wee bit afterwards and then I had to head back to work.  I left her at Gap (figuring it was a dangerous move, but she deserves a splurge!)...

Our joint PT session was at 4.45.  The gym was like a morgue tonight!  No idea what happened to everyone - usually it's fairly busy, even on a Friday night.  Not tonight.  We started with the warm up on the treadmill before heading around to play with the cables (bloody squats), up to the weights, then back to the cables (and bloody sit ups) ;)  It was actually a good session, despite me being exhausted.

Talk about being naughty tonight.  We got home and couldn't be arsed cooking...  Yep - walked up the road for takeaway (well, dined in so we didn't have dishes either).  How bad is that!?!  This is what I mean by slacking off the program for a while - arrrrrrrrghhhhh!

Breakfast: puffed rice, grapes, yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken ramen (a la Wagamamas)
Dinner: chicken burger (a la Grill'd)

PT session - cables & weights
Time: 55:50
Calories: 545
Average HR: 121 
Max HR: 164
In zone: 27:54

12WBT - 14/04/11

Firstly, happy birthday to the ol' lady.  Mum's 71 today - sheesh!  I must be getting old, too!  I remember when she turned 50!

I spent the whole day crunching numbers at work.  Not sure I know exactly what I was trying to achieve, but I felt well happy with the fact that the different ways I calculated things all seemed to fall within a similar range.  Go me!

Have to admit to feeling absolutely knackered - as the week progresses, I seem to be getting worse.  No idea what that's about.  Wonder if it's because my routine's been all up the sh*t this week?  Quite possible.

Wifey had her 1:1 with PT tonight.  Because it was at 5.30, I go up to the gym with her and do my own thing.  Wasn't sure exactly what to do tonight - usually I end up doing an hour on the treadmill.  Tonight, I told myself, would be different.  It kinda was, too.  Started on the cross trainer.  Figured I'd do an hour on that for a change.  Who the hell was I kidding!  After 15 mins, my legs were fair killing me.  I moved to my friend, the treadmill.  Did 30mins on there and thought that I should share the love with other machines that I've tended to ignore.  I finished the hour on the cycle (without adjusting it...dumb move).

Walking home I couldn't help but think back to Friday nights last year - I used to walk up to the gym to meet Wifey and walk home with her (never setting foot in the gym itself).  How the times have changed!

Breakfast: puffed rice & yoghurt
Lunch: leftover veggie stir fry (yum!)
Dinner: mustard chicken on polenta

Cardio - cross trainer, treadmill, cycle
Time: 58:42
Calories: 944
Average HR: 159
Max HR: 169
In zone: 19:05

12WBT - 13/04/11

Nothing to report from today.  Was a quiet day.  Pretty much just sat at work and caught up on the last couple of days worth of emails etc.

The plan, when I got home, was to head up to the gym - or at least go for a walk with Wifey.  The reality, however, couldn't have been any further from this.  I am so overtired that when I walked in the door I pretty much headed straight for the bedroom to lay down.  OK, so that's a slight exaggeration.  I kinda helped Wifey with dinner - as much as I could, anyway.  Then I went to bed.  I feel like an old man - in bed by 8pm!  Sad much?  Mind you, there was good tele on so it's not like I'm sad and fall asleep straight away - lol.

Breakfast: toast - naked
Lunch: Cheese sandwich (all I could be arsed making last night!)
Dinner: vegetable stir fry

Zip.  Nada.  Nil.  None.

Oh God - how much was it to go up???  WTF?  It didn't!?  It went down.  Hallelujah!  Only down 300g but hey, I'm not complaining.  85.5kg.  Better than what I was fearing!

12WBT - 12/04/11

Waking up was tough going.  Even though the alarm was set so we could have a sleep-in, I still woke up early.  Fear of what was to come, perhaps? ;)

After breakfast, we (Wifey, mum-in-law & I) piled into the car and headed for a family outing - to the dentist.  How unimpressed am I over this prospect?  It wasn't so bad - until I was told I had a small cavity - confirmed by the x-ray.  I begrudgingly allowed the filling to go ahead.  Even though I wasn't happy about this, it turns out that it was more than just the 'little black spot on the x-ray' and had I left it longer I ran the risk of it ending up being a root canal in the not too distant future...

Wifey and I then headed off to the jewellers who designed Wifey's engagement ring and our wedding bands.  Since discovering the 12WBT and losing weight (around 20kg since the start of round 3 last year), my poor wedding band has become a dangerous weapon - especially seeing as I use my hands to talk so much.  It flies nicely through the air!  Instead of getting it resized or having a ball bearing put in to help it fit better, I'm getting a new one (as it's easier than getting the old one adapted).  My ring size has dropped about 5 sizes (explaining the looseness, huh?).  Won't get it until mid-May (bloody Easter ;) ).

We then went out for a light lunch before wandering around Bulimba for a bit.  Sadly, this ended our time in Brisbane (for the time being) as we had to head out to the airport for the flight home.  The down side of coming home is not being able to step off the plane and walk straight in the door - lol.

Breakfast: toast
Lunch: roasted veggie & goats cheese tart
Dinner: chicken curry & rice (a la Qantas)


12WBT - 11/04/11

It was nice to wake up in the warmth again.  It wasn't a sleep in, but it was more than I've had for the last couple of days.  Okay, when my phone alarm went off at 5:45 I wasn't impressed, but I did easily drift back off after that.

Wifey was meeting up with one of her friends so I took the opportunity just to relax and do absolutely nothing - nothing at all!  It was bliss.

When Wifey got back we did go for a walk - most likely only about 30mins, but it was nice to be out and about (saving the ol' legs from seizing up - not that they felt like they were going to).  Wifey's mum very kindly made us borsch for dinner - which went down very well, especially with a few raw cloves of garlic...  Shame I've got the dentist tomorrow ;)

Breakfast: Special K & yoghurt, strawberries & raspberries
Lunch: wrap (lettuce, ham, tomato, capsicum)
Dinner: borsch & raw garlic

Gentle 30min walk around the neighbourhood.

12WBT - 10/04/11

Did not have a long sleep.  I fear I could be crabby today - EP needs his beauty sleep each night ;)

Wasn't too bad.  We opted not to have breakfast at the hotel, only by virtue of meeting up with a friend we met in Africa for brunch :)  Even though we had an 11am checkout, the hotel kindly had its housekeeping staff knock on the door at 9:50 to enquire as to what time we were checking out...  This could explain the huge number of people checking out on our floor when we did - earlier than the 11am one.

We were pleased we were able to leave the car in the carpark - if not only for the fact that they'd parked us in anyway.  Dumped our stuff in the car and then went off for brunch at Gus's.  Not healthy, but hey, who cares - when we're away we tend to splurge ;)

After an awesome catch up, it was back to the hotel and to the car...for the enthralling drive back up to Sydney.  Seriously, the Sydney-Canberra road has to be one of the dullest in the country ;)  The weather started to pack in, so it wasn't as much fun.  Coming into Sydney drove me even more insane as there was traffic everywhere (worse than usual) because of road closures for the triathlon.  Oh well.  Only delayed us for about 25mins.

We were only really home long enough to have a cuppa, throw a load of laundry on, pack the next cases and have a quick dinner before we were off again.  This time by train to the airport and then up to Brissie.

Got into Brissie just on 11pm.  I. Am. So. Tired.

Brunch: spicy sausage omelette & toast
Dinner: cheese toastie

Lugging our suitcase on & off trains and at the airport - pretty much all.

12WBT - 09/04/11

Woke up bright and early - which caused no end of complaining from me.  Here we were, away from the normal distractions of home and able to sleep in but my body just never allows it!  Arrrrgh!  Anyhow, them's the breaks I guess.

After surfacing and wandering down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  It was an OK breakfast - most likely one of the best we've had in an Australian hotel, but still poor compared to some we've had overseas.  Filled up for a day of strolling around the sites of Canberra (haha).  No idea why they scheduled the run for 4pm - am guessing it was so people could drive there from elsewhere? 

Because of a substantial breakfast, we opted to skip lunch in favour of a latte and cake around 1pm.  Most likely not the wisest of moves really.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the run.  Our enthusiasm levels were so far below zero it wasn't funny.  Got a cab to the event and milled around.  One of my workmates was doing the 5km run so we were there in time for that - she changed her mind and did the 10km with us.  This was good as her and I compete a wee bit (not much because we're about as good as the other and usually finish within about 10-15 seconds apart).

The run itself was as boring as batsh*t.  In fact, watching paint dry for an hour would've been as much, if not more, fun!  Would've been better if it hadn't been four laps around...nothing.  Oh well.  We did it - and my time improved slightly on the last 10km run we did (only by a few minutes but an improvement is nevertheless an improvement).

Me - looking knackered (I wish I paid attention to where photographers were...)
Following the eventful (haha) fun run, we went back to the hotel and freshened up.  We were then off to meet up with one of Wifey's childhood friends for dinner at her place.  It was a relaxing night, but I was ready for bed around 9pm - lol.

Breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, rhubarb, pears & yoghurt
Lunch: not really lunch, but we shared a lemon tart
Dinner: Thai - I wasn't impressed as it was ordered in for us and I don't tend to do Thai.  Not sure what it exactly was that we were eating...short of the boiled rice ;)

10km fun run
Time: 1:05
Calories: 1161
Average HR: 169
Max HR: 187
In zone: 3:46 (umm, how bad was this!)

12WBT - 08/04/11

It's been an odd week.  I've been a rather unhappy camper with things - not sure why, either.  Just...general malaise?  Perhaps.  Boredom?  Most likely.

I've also been quite pants with keeping to a plan - in terms of exercise and diet.  This very much displeases me.  Sure, weigh-in wasn't as bad as I thought it might've been but you watch - next week it'll come back and well and truly bite me on the arse with a whopping increase!  What can you do?  Life gets like that at times and I'm trying to make a holistic change - something that allows for flexibility for life's curveballs.  Might not be working much at the moment - gimme a chance to find those tracks and get back on them, eh. ;)

Tomorrow is the Canberra 10km fun run.  Fun?  Run?  Canberra?  All in the same sentence?  Hmm ;)  I'm so not wanting to do it now - why do I do these things?

Road trip down to Canberra was, well, uneventful (God-damned boring might be a bit too harsh - but really does sum up that trip in a nutshell).  One thing that was a huge surprise was how quickly we got out of Sydney - especially for a Friday night!  Was good.  Nice smooth trip down, too.  I think I hurt poor Wifey's ears as I belted out songs.  Did a few choice dance moves, too.  (Am pleased none of this was recorded!!!).

Breakfast: puffed rice & yoghurt (back on the Jalna - doesn't taste as much like sour cream now!)
Lunch: Kebab (day three of eating out for lunch...)
Dinner: pizza (homemade - something quick before heading down the road...and leftovers for snacking upon during the roadtrip)

Well, sadly there weren't none today - unless you count wandering around for lunch?  Nope?  Didn't think so.

12WBT - 07/04/11

Wandering up to the gym with Wifey, I was wondering what I should do.  We were running a bit late for us to get there in time for me to do my Thursday night spin class (of which I've not been to for a few weeks now :( ).  I guessed I'd end up on the treadmill for the hour - as is my usual "thing".  I don't mind it.  I get to zone out and just walk (occasionally run).  I had been on it for a couple of minutes when PT came up to see if I wanted to do our joint session tonight (since we're off to Canberra tomorrow night for the fun run).  I had no objections (short of just about getting into my stride on the treadmill).

Her plan of attack was weights.  For the most part, I really don't mind weights.  I think my issue with them is that they're not cardio and therefore I don't seem to find  I hate having to have the breather in between.  I know why it's needed but to me it's wasting time.  Sounds silly, huh?  Try explaining it to your PT without seeming like you're a fat, lazy, slovenly slob!  Not easy (though did make PT laugh).

My other issue with weights is that because I'm so not used to them, I feel like a bloody weakling compared to some of the steroid-laden blokes there (now, I'm only using the term 'steroid-laden' to try and make myself feel better about being a weakling - lol).

I think I'm getting a wee bit better with them - my poor left arm is struggling with things at times.  It's really not used to being anything more than an ornament, dangling off my body with no real purpose ;)  Maybe one day it'll be of use to me.  Not any time soon, anyhow!

Breakfast: boiled egg
Lunch: roast vegetable wrap
Dinner: 12WBT chicken laksa

Gym - started off being my usual treadmill session while Wifey had her 1:1 PT session - ended up being our joint session for the week (since we're off to Canberra tomorrow).  Weights.
Time: 56:00
Calories: 526
Average HR: 119
Max HR: 173
In zone: 14:37

12WBT - 06/04/11

When I got on the scales, I wasn't happy.  I mean, I wasn't disappointed or angry - just not happy.  Sure, I was 85.8 - up 100g on last week but given my spate of slackness, it's not terribly bad (shh, I'm trying to reassure myself!).

Today was one of those days where you just don't feel like working.  I did work, but the ol' heart just wasn't in it.  Perhaps I should start looking for something that will give me a bit more of a challenge in life?  I'm up for a challenge!  Well, perhaps not right at this moment in time.  

I'm getting over responding to enquiries and dealing with emails.  There's nothing...juicy.  Nothing to get my teeth stuck into.  I suppose, they are talking about a change in my job - until it happens though, I don't think much will be changing.

I should focus this energy into going to the gym more often - it was, after all, my grand plan.  I just haven't managed to get around to it yet.  Baby steps, someone told me.  I suppose that's a fair summary of things - I've only been a member of a gym for a couple of months.  If there's one thing I managed to take from the 12WBT it's not to rush into things like a bull in a china shop.  Slowly introduce things; give yourself a chance to get used to them - then rush in - lol.

Until I adjust to going to the gym, I'll plod along as per normal.  One day, before I know it, I will be that bull (hopefully not causing as much damage though!).

Breakfast: naked crumpets
Lunch: burrito
Dinner: vege bake

Lazy day...more and more of these occurring, huh?

12WBT - 05/04/11

Ahh, Wifey's still away.  This means that my meals are, well, virtually non-existant.  Whenever I'm home alone, I really can't be arsed cooking for one.  I know, lazy, but still.  I find it pointless.  I've always much preferred, if I have to cook, to cook for a larger number - two is hardly worth it, but I will do so.

Aside from Wifey being away, I've done nothing all day (well, work aside).  Even work I didn't do much.  We went for a walk down to the King St Wharf Wagamamas for a change (from the Galeries Victoria one).  That's been about the excitement of today.

It's actually been relaxing having a mid-week day of nothingness (hence a short entry - makes for easier reading...if anyone's still reading).  Couldn't cope with too many of them though...

Breakfast: puffed rice, blueberries & yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken ramen (Wagamamas)
Dinner: erm, nothing

None.  Couldn't be bothered (as would only make me hungry and I can't be arsed cooking!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

12WBT - 04/04/11

Today started with me being generous.  I donated blood.  First time I've done that over here (first time since I left the UK that I've given - and I never gave when I was in NZ, go figure!).  Deffo a good cause - if you haven't given in a while (or at all), get in touch with them and do so now.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service - go on, what have you got to lose???
Granted, it took me two hours - by the time I filled in the paperwork, had the interview and waited around (it's reassuring, though, to have to wait because there are so many people there giving freely).  I didn't mind - it was two hours of work time...and I got a milkshake and a muffin out of it ;)

When I got back to the office it was back to emails and phone calls.  Bah.  Why do we have to work for a living - can't someone else do it for me so I can do other things?  Really! ;)  Come the afternoon, though, I felt a bit...light-headed (moreso than normal).  The moral of this story is to ensure you keep the fluids up after giving blood - haha.

Because of this light-headedness, I didn't go up to the spin class :(  Instead, I opted for a 40 minute walk - which ended just before the skies opened.  I managed to get back home in a light drizzle.  Phew!

Breakfast: puffed rice, linseed etc, raspberries, Jalna yoghurt with cinnamon
Lunch: salad (spinach, canned chicken, four bean mix)
Dinner: ham & brie with couscous

40 minute evening stroll.

12WBT - 03/04/11

What's this rubbish about an extra hour of sleep today?  I think my body missed the memo somewhere along the line...  Y'know what, though?  Even though we didn't have an extra hour of sleep (because one of us was too wide awake ;) ), we did just chill this morning.  It's nice doing that.  Relaxing - making the most of the sunshine streaming in the window and the peace of the neighbourhood.  I think this is a must for a normal, healthy life.  You can get too caught up with the hustle and bustle and forget that down time is just as important - as is quiet time alone.

When we finally surfaced, it was to head up to pick up some DVD storage from up the road - and some more DVDs to add to the collection (we need more shelving for DVDs - the slimline things we've replaced the old jewel cases with still take up a shed-load of room).  From there it was off to get groceries (via a lovely lunch at Lane Cove).  Yeah, exciting, huh?

When we got home I vegged on the couch while Wifey put the groceries away.  Actually, my vegging was productive - I pulled the DVDs out of their old cases to put them into their new homes.  Very time consuming - but not as time consuming as what came next.  I then went through all the empty DVD cases and chucked the cracked ones, then sorted all the others out to put on eBay (I hope someone wants them - I've got about 450 empty cases if anyone wants them!  Seriously!  Let me know!).

We had a lovely dinner - Wifey did a chicken breast in a scrummy mushroom & mustard sauce.  She's a whizz in the kitchen is my wife!  

Breakfast: low GI, gluten free granola-esque cereal, strawberries & yoghurt
Lunch: erm, fries & pizza...but the pizza had green on it ;)
Dinner: chicken breast in mushroom & wholegrain mustard sauce

Lazy days calling to you; come out to play, the future lies with you...

12WBT - 02/04/11

Poor Wifey had to get up early today - when I say 'had to', it was self inflicted.  She has her haircut this morning.  I was thinking I'd laze in bed while she was away, but no chance of that.

I'm currently working on a PowerPoint presentation for her to use while she's away on a school retreat next week (aren't I a good hubby - thankfully it's something I enjoy doing so there ain't no probs there).  I suppose I should also do the housebi*ching chores while she's away - poor chook is well tired these days and could do with a bit of a break from the mundane.

Yep.  House ship-shape now.  Just waiting on her to come home so we can head off to the movies this arvo.  Booked in to see Rango (animated Johnny Depp flick) - the last of our cheap movie tickets.  Hope there aren't too many kids around.  I dislike going to movies when kids are there - loud, obnoxious creatures that they are.  I, of course, was never like that ;)

Movie was OK.  Wouldn't say it was the worst I'd ever seen.  Perhaps a bit more of an adults one than not.  We did manage to get some exercise in before the movie, too.  Wandering around the mall and then walking up all the stairs to get to the cinema we needed (could've used the lift but there were snotty-nosed kids about - lol).  There were a few kids but not as many as I had envisaged (or feared!).

When we got home neither of us were hungry so we went for a walk around the neighbourhood for about an hour and a half.  It was a pleasant night to do that - not too cold, not at all hot.  Walking around at night gives a different perspective on the 'hood as well.

Breakfast: three-egg omelette (with 1 yolk), onion, ham, tomato & spinach
Lunch: chicken schnitzel & salad
Dinner: slice of cheese & some spinach

Walking around the mall, including stairs; 90 min stroll around the neighbourhood.

12WBT - 01/04/11

What a fizzer April Fools turned out to be in our office this year.  It wasn't so much that people weren't into it, it was a case of people being so flat out that they didn't have time.  We had three big meetings going on making people less inclined to partake in the jovial nature of the day.  The one big prank we had going didn't work well.  The instigators hadn't thought about the follow-through - and the victim was a bit of a sore loser.  Ahh well.  There's always 2013...

When I got home from work (early, I might add - yay for having a later day earlier in the week), the sun was shining in the bedroom window so I thought I'd soak up some of the rays from the comfort of the bed...and then I woke up when Wifey called to say she was on her way home for the PT session.  Oops!  Luckily it was only a wee grandpa nap for an hour.
PT session was mildly enjoyable.  We did weights, which I'm still not a fan of really.  I much prefer cardio but PT is making me do weights.  Worse things happen at sea though.  It was a full body workout tonight - upper & lower.  I was coping fine with almost everything, except the bloody press ups.  I think, because it was nearly time, my body was over it and just wanted to stop.  I persevered though - for what it was worth.

After the gym we had dinner.  Wasn't the best meal for us, but we were both famished...and tired.  Going out wasn't planned - it just meant that we had a bit more of a walk after the workout - and didn't have to do dishes!

Breakfast: puffed rice, strawberries & yoghurt
Snack: skippy rissole
Lunch: spicy pumpkin, kumara & chickpea soup (the soup that lasts forever!)
Dinner: lamb rissole, salad...& chips
PT session - weights (upper & lower)
Time: 1:01
Calories: 597
Average HR: 121
Max HR: 163
In zone: 32:36

Thursday, March 31, 2011

12WBT - 31/03/11

It's the end of March!  Holy moly, Batman!  Where's the year going?  It's escaping on me and I'm not sure I like the feeling.

Had my meetings and - as an added bonus (for me) - have almost finished typing up all the reports I need to do from the meetings.  God I'm good.  Well, when I'm not being bad, that is ;)

I need to vent and you're going to cop it - feel free to ignore this rant.  

So, I've been told for the last couple of months about the potential of a new job for me at work.  From the sounds of things, it's now not going to happen.  I've also been told that I'm worth more than what I'm being paid currently but my "position isn't worth more".  So if you put these stories together, it's clear that there's not much chance of me progressing any further.  This displeases me muchly as the powers that be are aware that I'm bored senseless in my current job.  It's not that there's nothing to do - God, that would be even worse.  It's that I'm not challenged, and what I do have to do that is challenging I've been told should be paid at a higher level (and I can't get my teeth into it because of the normal, day-to-day, unchallenging rubbish).  I've only been in the job for seven months and I'm about to start a job hunt.  I hate doing this, but it's something that I've got to do.  (Having the motivation to finish my PhD would help, too - that's starting from next month...shite, tomorrow!).  I hate the idea of job hunting.  I hate the idea because I still don't know what I want to do - I have plenty of ideas in mind but whether or not I've got the experience is another thing.  It still irks me that 20 year olds these days can seem to walk into jobs with no experience or qualifications but Generation X-ers don't seem to have this luxury.

I'm a bit worried that this is going to hang over my head and upset my applecart, so-to-speak.  I don't want it to stress me out as that's when I go back to ways of old (blocks of choccy, bags of crisps etc - you get the idea).  I hope that I'll be able to instead reach for the treadmill or something instead.

Well, reaching for the treadmill worked tonight.  A lot more relaxed about things...  And no choccy or crisps were hurt (just ignored - lol) ;)  I guess being so tired (as Wifey and I both are) is not helping matters as I often dwell on things too much - without actually fully formulating a thought ;)

Breakfast: Skippy rissole & boiled egg
Lunch: pumpkin & kumara & chickpea soup
Dinner: pumpkin & kumara & chickpea soup

Treadmill again :)
Time: 1:23
Calories: 1015
Average HR: 138
Max HR: 163
In zone: 45:34

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

12WBT - 30/03/11

I was involved in meetings all day today.  Will be the same tomorrow.  Can't you just feel the enthusiasm oozing out of this page?  It's kinda boring.  Elements are interesting - but often few and far (very far!) betwixt.

Actually - now that I'm back from the meetings, they were bloody good today.  Bring on tomorrow.  Ha!  I did manage to rejuggle things so that I'm done at noon.  Huzzah and yay me!  That could mean that my plan for world domination - erm, wait, that's another blog entry...  My plan for finishing work at 3.30 so I can be at the gym by 4ish could pan out.  Yay.  

Bollocks!  It's not going to work like that.  Wifey has her 1:1 with PT at 5.30 so I'll just go up with her then.  Oh well, at least I'll still go up :)

I did that today, actually.  No, not went up with Wifey to her 1:1 session - finished work at 3.30pm.  By the time I caught a train and got home and changed it was just gone 4pm.  I was on the treadmill by 4.15 though.  That, my friends, was pretty good going for me.  I only managed to misplace one thing...but found I was getting ready to leave :)

Spent another hour on the treadmill.  Really enjoyed the fact that the gym is so empty at 4.15pm!  Means that as it's starting to fill up, I'm walking out the door heading home (all nice and sweaty!).  I didn't mean to spend the whole hour on it.  It's becoming a bad habit.  I'm perhaps a little too competitive with myself.  If I can get to X km by X time or within X calories then I'll stop.  Or, I'll just go for three more minutes and get off at 20mins...I'll just go for 4.5mins and get off at 25mins...  It's bloody annoying but I just can't stop myself - I do thoroughly enjoy it though.  Can't wait for next Monday when I start going back to spin again.  It's been WAY too long and I miss it lots :(

Ahh - best go and start prepping dinner.  We're having the chicken laksa (adapted from the 12WBT :D ).  I'm so the biggest fan of this dish - especially when I put in way too much red curry paste and my eyes want to roll back in my head when I eat it.  That's the best part by far!

Okay - I didn't put in anywhere near enough curry paste.  BAH!  No eye rolling tonight :(  This saddens me.  Next time - I'll double my normal doubled amount.  Yeeehaaaw, baby!

Breakfast: Skippy rissole, boiled egg, puffed rice (with linseed etc & oats), yoghurt (with cinnamon) & blueberries
Lunch: one samosa and 1 mini beef melt thing
Dinner:  12WBT chicken laksa (this is so my favourite dish from the whole program!!!)

Finally back on to this!  Treadmill.
Time: 1:14 (includes walk home 'cos I forgot to turn it off - 1:05 was on the treadmill)
Calories: 1209
Average HR: 161
Max HR: 179
In zone: 15:36 (this was most likely the cool down & walk home!)

12WBT - 29/03/11

After the initial excitement (haha) that was Monday, Tuesday is a rather mundane day.  I was going to say it's like Thursday - pointless, but at least Thursday is closely followed by Friday.  Oh well.

When I got home (after a same-old, same-old day at work - oh, I did manage to empty my inbox for the first time this year; what a joyous occasion that was!), I was charged with cooking dinner.  Y'know, I've not even got into the routine of doing that this year (and we're 1/4 of the way through the year already!).  I was going to go all out and cook something well fancy.  Didn't quite get there.  Ended up making a scrummy spicy pumpkin & kumara soup.  Mmm, nice and filling and I don't think it'd be too bad health-wise.  The bonus of doing a soup is it's like the gift that keeps giving.  Soup today, soup tomorrow, soup for the rest of the week!  hahahahaha

Between trying to relax (read: laze) on the couch and cook dinner, the evening pretty much disappeared.  OMG!  LOL!  BRB! ROFLMAO!  WTF!  NASA!  I forgot to go to the gym.  Arsemonkies.  Not impressed.  Oh well.  Tomorrow, as they say (who the hell are they and why do they say that?), is another day.

Breakfast: kangaroo rissole & boiled egg
Lunch: Wagamamas, baby!  Bento box (teriyaki beef - but didn't eat the rice), chicken gyoza, edamame - Coke Zero ('cos the juicer was again broken - this is getting old now!)
Dinner: spicy pumpkin, sweet potato & chickpea soup.  Mmm

hahahaha - hmm.

Monday, March 28, 2011

12WBT - 28/03/11

Tell me why I don't like Mondays!  Well, it's not 'cos I wanna sho-ooo-ooo-ooot the whole day down.  I disliked it today because our shower still can't be used and I had to have a bath and I hate not having my daily shower.  Showering wakes me up and makes me feel alive.  ALIVE I tell you!  Hahahahahahaha. (Also, not showering may lead to mild insanity - just sayin'.)

Had to stay back late for a meeting at work.  Usually I don't mind but really, is it the most productive use of my time?  I think not.  What it now means is that I don't get home at a time I'm happy with (that gives me time to sort my life out and head up to the gym - and on a Monday, it means missing spin :( ).

Actually, I've neglected the gym a bit.  I keep saying it and still don't manage to do anything about it.  Starting off on the wrong foot for this season hasn't done me any favours.  If anything, my motivation to do something about it needs a swift kick up the arse (as do I!).  It may sound silly, but I've also stopped using my diary again.  I think this may be part of the problem (only a teeny-tiny part, mind).  I know Mish talked about it last year (possibly this year too, but I'm admitting not having paid any attention to the vids etc :( ).  I liked it last year and have just slacked off this year.

Ugh.  Can't find any music to listen to.  I mean, I can, just nothing I feel like listening to.  That reminds me, must update my shuffle for the treadmill this week - last week I wasn't impressed with some of the music there that made me want to stick my head in the working mechanisms (okay, there was only one Leonard Cohen song - but it was more than enough - haha).

I'm back.  Did you miss me?  I actually just reminded myself that I couldn't remember where my connector for the shuffle was and had to find it.  Not an easy task.  Had to 'borrow' Wifey's one ;)

My mind is all over the place today - what's up with that?  Normally it's on off mode.  Meh.  Guess I'll suffer later on when I crash and burn.

Wifey's out at a work dinner tonight so I'm home alone - fending for myself.  Bet I do a lazy dinner...maybe do something as I make our lunches (well, her lunch - tomorrow is Wagamama day at work - huzzah!) - if I can even be bothered making something. 

Made something.  Essentially it was a lazy lunch made into a dinner for me ;)   Nothing wrong with that though...when I say nothing, I mean not much - could've always been worse.  Damn it!  Where's that cloud with the silver lining hiding?

Breakfast: puffed wheat, 8 grapes (apparently these are a no-no, unless only having a few), linseed and stuff, rolled oats (the low GI to counter the grapes I guess), yoghurt with cinnamon
Lunch: salad (cos lettuce, capsicum, chedder cheese (dunno how that fell in there!), tomato, cottage cheese)
Dinner: cos lettuce, cherry tomato, capsicum, ham

Foul mood because the train was packed and I was running late for spin.  If only my foul moods killed calories - wowee, that would be brill!  Oh, yeah.  Got home around 6.10pm, too late to get to spin class so I sulked - I'm good like that (just ask anyone who knows me! ;-) ).

PS: I wasn't on drugs at the time of writing the above - may seem like it, but wasn't.

12WBT - 27/03/11

Even though I appear to have done nothing but sleep, I still managed to sleep in until 8.30am!  For me, that's a massive sleep in on the weekend!  I felt a bit better than yesterday, but only marginally.  I was stoked that as the day progressed I began feeling better.

Doing the ironing (that had been stockpiled for the last few weeks waiting for the ironing pixies to come and do them for us...*sigh*).  That killed a couple of hours, by which time it was nearly time for Wifey to get home.  Poor chook had been away for the weekend on a Duke of Edinburgh camp-thing.  She was as knackered when she got home as I had been feeling (hers was deserved though - mine wasn't!).

Went and got the groceries, dealt with dinner and BANG that was the evening gone.  Where on earth is our time disappearing to?  It's fair vanishing and I'm not overly chuffed about it.

On the plus side, I did treat myself to a new iPad 2...just 'cos I felt like it (deffo not 'cos I deserved it!).

Breakfast: cereal & yoghurt
Lunch: cup of soup
Dinner: filled roll

Nothing :(

12WBT - 26/03/11

Having gone to bed around 2.30am, getting up in time for the plumber (arriving at 7.30am) was a bit difficult.  Compound that with being a bit 'blocky' in the head and you have a day where moving fast became a chore.  I had to remain awake while the plumber was here - for three hours.  Ugh.  Once he left, however, moving was no longer a problem.  I lay down and died.  Not literally.  It could be a bit weird it I literally died.  I might have difficulty in keeping this blog up - more difficulty than I'm having at the best of times!

That was the day.  Struggling to stay awake - then crashing!

Breakfast: cereal & yoghurt
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: nothing

Breathing and keeping eyes open (aka, weightlifting).

Friday, March 25, 2011

12WBT - 25/03/11

Felt like rubbish today.  Went into work but ended up coming home around 11am and crashing when I got in.  I was sitting at my desk when I started getting cold shivers - poor ol' finger nails were even turning blue.  Also had a couple of waves of nausea.  I think I needed the bit of extra sleep as when I woke up, I was feeling marginally better.  At least I'd warmed up some.

I'm pleased I did feel better as a friend asked me out to a Bee Gees tribute show - just for the shits & giggles of it.  By the time we drove - in peak hour traffic - to pick up a couple of other friends and then went to the show, it was nearly 2.5 hours later.  Good job we left early otherwise it would've been a lot longer.  The show was good; dinner before the show was good too - just really didn't enjoy it in the end as I over ate (not terribly, but more than I really should've) - making matters worse, it was Chinese, so really not good for me.  PT is going to kill me for that!

Breakfast: boiled egg
Lunch: left over chicken mince vermicelli
Dinner: Chinese (small serving boiled rice, sweet & sour portk, 1 spring roll, vegetables)


12WBT - 24/03/11

So, while Wifey was being put through the mills by PT, I spent yet another hour on the treadmill (it was only meant to be 15min but then I thought "I'll just go to Xkm", then "I'll just go to Xcals", before "I'll just go to Xmin" - vicious cycle!).  It did get me wondering more about how the hell machines work out calories burnt?  I've wondered it before and am not 100% convinced about their accuracy (I tend to use them as a measurement to compare the effort I put into things).  Why was I wondering about this?  Well!  I was getting very annoyed that, according to the treadmill (which I know is not necessarily the wisest machine), I didn't appear to be burning many calories.  I know it's not the be-all and end-all of things but it annoyed me enough to make me think about it.  After the hour, the treadmill told me I'd burnt 630 calories.  Not impressed with this really but oh well, I would've looked like a knob had I argued with the machine...  My HRM, however, told me different.  I like the HRM more ;)

I noticed the other day my throat was getting a bit sore...and glands were up a bit.  Didn't stop me going into work and being a bit less than productive.  Managed to get all sorts of things done - but nothing substantial.  There was a big meeting going on, which, very luckily, I wasn't involved with and the office was very much like a morgue.  A good day to slack a wee bit, huh?

Breakfast: 2 naked crumpets
Lunch: salad (rocket & spinach, onion, tomato, egg, capsicum)
Dinner: chicken mince vermicelli (snow peas, broccoli, zucchini, corn kernels)

Time: 1:00
Calories: 961 (compared to the treadmill, this is more like it!)
Average HR: 160
Max HR: 176
In zone: only 15:01

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12WBT - 23/03/11

Bonjour!  For some weird reason, I'm in a very good head space today.  I'm scared.  I'm very scared.

Weigh-in day didn't help the start of the day.  I gave the scales a new speech today (perhaps trying reverse psychology on them).  Actually, I said weigh-in didn't help the start of the day but you know what, with hindsight, I think it did.  Today I couldn't give a rats what the scales said.  I jumped on ready to take whatever they told me (for today I felt that they were in a position of knowing better than I - that's a massive concession on my part too, I must add!).

Work was ho-hum.  I swung by one of the manager's offices to suggest organising a blood drive (now that we've got the Red Cross over the road from us).  Since leaving London, I've been shocking and haven't donated :(  I now feel the need to give back (not that I've taken any!).  The funny thing was she was going in to see the CEO about the very same thing!  Great minds and all that - haha

Lunch ended up not being the sandwich I carefully made last night, but pizza out with the workmates.  Hmm.  This is becoming a bad precedent.  Oh well.  Social is good :)  I'm getting better with choices though (yeah, yeah - pizza's not the best choice but the other options included pasta dishes etc).  Working in the CBD is actually quite bad for this...  Oh well.  Let's see if I can improve on what I eat rather than just eating any bad food that sounds scrummy at the time.

Wifey was home late (around 7.30pm) so we went out for a light Italian dinner.  Oh boy...not looking good food-wise this week, but then again, there seem to be a lot of fish dishes on the menu - not to mention the terrible zucchini & broccoli bake (with leftovers) (that dish does nothing for Wifey or I!).  To be fair, we haven't really been sitting down with the menus to look over them and adapt them like we did last year.  We talk about doing it, but that's as far as we get...

Breakfast: 2 naked crumpets & a slice of banana bread
Lunch: pizza (this was a last minute decision to go out with people...)
Snack: sandwich (chicken, rocket & spinach, egg, hummus, cottage cheese, tomato)
Dinner: pasta (penne): aglio olio

Walking around trying to find somewhere for lunch (wouldn't have been half as difficult if people didn't get in our bloody way - how dare people have lunch at lunchtime...when we want to!).

Dreaded weigh-in
Despite expecting to put on weight this week, I surprised myself by managing to drop 2.1kg.  It took 2 weeks to lose the 4kg I put on.  I'm not happy I put it on, but I'm pleased I've managed to get rid of it.  All up, I've lost 1.3kg in the last month (actually more than that given I packed the pounds on a couple of weeks ago - haha).

12WBT - 22/03/11

My shoes are still dripping wet!  The downside of walking home in the rain last night was that I was soaked through.  Fortunately I wasn't able to pour any water out of my shoes today (unlike last night).  This is my excuse for not going to the gym after work today as I wanted to.  Mind you, it's a good chance for me to tidy up the blog entries (and post them).  I really must do them daily - they only take a few minutes each (depending on whether I think about what to write or just write what I think about).

Our Tuesday lunch gang went out to Wagamamas today - only three of us (not 7 or 8 as usual).  I guess some people were busy (them being in Melbourne is a good excuse ;) ).  Am being very productive at work - just wish I could project that to everything else now (PhD, exercise, diet etc).  Fingers crossed it'll happen.  I'm feeling good about things again now - it's been a piss poor month but can only get better :)

A chilled evening ensued following dinner (though my Mr Grumpy appeared due to tiredness :( ).

Breakfast: puffed rice, oats, linseed with grapes & LF Greek yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken ramen (with sprouts, onion & spring onion)
Dinner: home-marinated tofu, roasted baby carrots & zucchini, steamed green beans & broccolini


Oh, I just remembered - I forgot to note my weigh-in last Wednesday.  It was 87.8kg (down from the week before, but still 700g up on the starting weight).  I feel today that my motivation is improving, which is a grand feeling!  I also feel that tomorrow's weigh-in is going to be a bad one again...  I will use that as motivation.  People are saying I don't need to lose any more weight, which is nice of them.  I know that I should focus on toning the loose skin but I'd still like to drop a few more kgs.  Will chat to PT about this next week I think...

Monday, March 21, 2011

12WBT - 21/03/11

Today started with me having to go into work later than usual (as I'd given my swipe card to a colleague on Friday night).  This put me off kilter as I was on a semi-packed train and wasn't able to have breakfast before starting work in earnest.  Was straight into things - including a meeting that took up most of the morning (what it didn't take up, doing things as a result of it chewed into my day).

Because I had no breakfast, I was starving by mid-morning.  It was therefore a bad thing that they provided scones for morning tea!  I had two (with jam & cream).  That kept me going until lunch, fortunately.  I was meant to have lunch with everyone else, but the food wasn't as healthy looking as the salad I brought in ;)

When I got home (fortunately missing the downpours of rain - it's been a poxy few days, but should be good for the gardens!) I changed into gym gear and relaxed until Wifey arrived.  Despite the rain, we still walked to & from the gym.  The rain was a hell of a lot heavier on the way home - I was like a drowned rat!

Our joint PT session was today (instead of on Friday - since neither PT or Wifey can make it then).  This was a fun, though tough, session.  We used some machines that made the exercises fun (gravity machines - something like that).  Worked our core and upper body - even when I got home, I could feel what it had done in my tummy (my poor tummy, I think, was a bit shocked by the workout it got - lol).  Sadly, going tonight meant I missed my favourite Monday night spin class - second week running :(

Doing dinner was too much of a chore - so Wifey did it ;) haha  Sadly, I still had to get breakfasts ready (Wifey is having leftovers - easy-peasy!) and help with dishes.  Life's tough, eh? ;)

Breakfast: nothing :(
Snack: 2 scones with jam & cream
Lunch: salad (rocket, onion, chilli, cottage cheese, capsicum)
Dinner: Mexican mince (using Quorn - YUM! - capsicum, onion, chilli).  I also had a pita bread as well...

Joint PT session on the gravity machine-thing.  Really must start remembering to turn HRM on before the session & not after I've already started ;)
Time: 52:33
Calories: 569
Average HR: 128
Max HR: 164
In zone: 26:16

12WBT - 20/03/11

A nothing day.  Literally.  Lunched out at 2060 in Waverton then got groceries.  I dozed on the couch for an hour or so.   That was pretty much it.  Oh, we watched the last episodes of The Tudors :(  Have to find something else to watch on the weekends now - the downside to still waking up at stupid o'clock on weekend mornings!  Bah ;)

With the shite weather - it was a good day to do nothing.  I know, I know - excuses...

Breakfast: cereal (granola) with LF Greek yoghurt & honey
Lunch: BLT with fries
Dinner: pizza (prosciutto, capsicum, chilli)

None at all.  So bloody lazy!

12WBT - 19/03/11

Wifey and I got up early today to tidy the house.  Friends are up from Melbourne and we weren't sure if we'd end up coming back home with them so we pre-empted the possibility.  This was good exercise - not just running about, but up and down, lifting things etc ;)

We caught the bus to Milsons Point - via Wynyard as the bus driver changed routes without notifying passengers.  Was ok as we ended up seeing S&J, albeit a bit late (and I don't do being late, grr ;) ).  Absolutely awesome seeing them again.  They're expecting a bub later in the year so it was our first chance to congratulate them in person.

Ended up having lunch at Ripples, Milsons Point.  This was nice...if you have a liking for seafood.  If you don't, choices are limited (even more so if you're uber fussy like me and don't do nuts either!).  I ended up having a delicious, tasty vegetarian tasting platter.  Okay, there were pinenuts in the small salad, but they're easy enough to pick out :)

After a stroll across the bridge (in the rain - luckily it wasn't heavy, just persistent) we wandered around the Rocks Markets.  I managed to find a nice wee pair of earrings for Wifey (last of the big spenders, huh? ;) ).  We were heading towards a lovely little French patisserie but ended up in an Irish tea room (yep, polar extremes).  We had a devonshire tea for afternoon tea - this ended up pretty much being Wifey & my dinner as we were a bit chockers, even when we got home...and later.

It was just a relaxing evening - blobbing out on the couch.

Breakfast: toast with ricotta & raspberries
Lunch: vegetarian tasting platter (vegetable terrine, roast pumpkin salad, tempura zucchini flowers)
Snack/dinner: 2 scones with jam & cream

Housework & a couple of gentle walks (about 20-30min each).

12WBT - 18/03/11

Didn't go to PT session today.  That means a week with no PT - yay! :s  Nah, I've got the coolest PT around - given the amount of lip I give her, she still smiles when I come back.  Also, one of my workmates has a PT who dishes out "punishment" sessions.  I wouldn't respond to that at all!

It was just another day in the office.  We were in casual clothes today - not conducive to working; but in saying that, even though there seemed to be a lot more chatting etc, we all still managed to churn through a lot - mainly small, fiddly things that usually get put off.  It was great.  Only prob for me was that I had a constant feeling of being hungry.  I didn't like it.  My lunch ended up being a morning tea!  This wasn't too bad - a group of us headed out to Wagamamas for lunch.  I adore Wagamamas and don't think I could ever get sick of it.  It's most likely not the healthiest food, but it's by no means the unhealthiest!

Even though I didn't go to see PT - or go to the gym, for that matter - I did end up having a workout.  Our social club arranged an evening at the bowling lanes.  This included 30min of laser tag; a game of bowls; and pool table hire.  Awesome!  We were all dripping with sweat after the laser tag - all pumped about the prospect of another round at some point in the not too distant future :)  Well fun and a great workout - zipping & zagging around the room.

Breakfast: slice of banana bread
Snack: mountain bread wrap (spinach, shredded chicken & creamed corn)
Lunch: spicy yasai itame (spicy veggies & noodles)
Dinner: bar snacks (vege pizza, wedges, chicken skewer)

Running around at laser strike & bowling (wish I had the HRM with me!)