Wednesday, March 9, 2011

12WBT - 09/03/11

I know it's Wednesday (I weighed in...) but all it took was for one person to think it was Thursday and bang, in my head it was...  The technical, scientific-y term for this is: stupidity ;)

Work = ho hum.  Churned through some readings that I had to do.  Sent a few emails.  Wrote a few letters. Took a few calls.  Saw a few people.  Mundane.  Boring, almost.  Wonder if, now that I'm a few days out of probation, I should start looking for a new job? ;)  Nah, might wait and see what comes of the plans for me here first (and get a couple of ABS courses under my belt).

When I got home I quickly changed (for the better, of course) and headed up to the gym.  It's so quiet at 4.30pm!  Jumped on the treadmill and did some interval stuff on there for 30 minutes.  Wanted it to be longer but in my haste at home changing, put the wrong socks on and now have a huge blister on my heel (which reminds me - need to clean the blood off my shoe).  And they say exercise is painless!?!  Ha!  Oh well, it was better than nothing.  Be interesting to see how many calories I killed when I jot it down below...

Was very domesticated when I got home from the gym (after the shower, of course).  Went into the kitchen and cooked quinoa for lunches etc (we're trying the black quinoa for a change - only because they didn't have red at the supermarket this week), made lunches for tomorrow, and cooked dinner.  Uber efficient :)

Breakfast: puffed rice, LF Greek yoghurt with honey & grapes
Lunch: sandwich (leftover roast pork, rocket, egg & Swiss cheese...and hummous)
Dinner: pizza (capsicum, onion, feta)

Treadmill - 5min walk; 10min run; 5min walk; 5min run; 5min walk - various speeds & inclines
Time: 44:50
Calories: 662 (not too shabby, even if I do say so myself!)
Average HR: 152
Max HR: 177
In zone: 27:49

Weigh-in: Oh boy - I wasn't wrong when I thought I was having a fat week!  The scales were furious with me!  I am furious with me - not to mention absolutely disgusted!  THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN!  I gained a disgusting 4kg!  Now at 89.4kg.  Exercise and diet WILL be reviewed this week.  Wifey tried to ease my mind by telling me that I'm now doing weights...  Didn't brush with me.  Will have to go hell for leather now!

(actually, I'm wondering if the scales are wrong - don't know why I think they would be, perhaps to help my ego???)

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