Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12WBT - 22/03/11

My shoes are still dripping wet!  The downside of walking home in the rain last night was that I was soaked through.  Fortunately I wasn't able to pour any water out of my shoes today (unlike last night).  This is my excuse for not going to the gym after work today as I wanted to.  Mind you, it's a good chance for me to tidy up the blog entries (and post them).  I really must do them daily - they only take a few minutes each (depending on whether I think about what to write or just write what I think about).

Our Tuesday lunch gang went out to Wagamamas today - only three of us (not 7 or 8 as usual).  I guess some people were busy (them being in Melbourne is a good excuse ;) ).  Am being very productive at work - just wish I could project that to everything else now (PhD, exercise, diet etc).  Fingers crossed it'll happen.  I'm feeling good about things again now - it's been a piss poor month but can only get better :)

A chilled evening ensued following dinner (though my Mr Grumpy appeared due to tiredness :( ).

Breakfast: puffed rice, oats, linseed with grapes & LF Greek yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken ramen (with sprouts, onion & spring onion)
Dinner: home-marinated tofu, roasted baby carrots & zucchini, steamed green beans & broccolini


Oh, I just remembered - I forgot to note my weigh-in last Wednesday.  It was 87.8kg (down from the week before, but still 700g up on the starting weight).  I feel today that my motivation is improving, which is a grand feeling!  I also feel that tomorrow's weigh-in is going to be a bad one again...  I will use that as motivation.  People are saying I don't need to lose any more weight, which is nice of them.  I know that I should focus on toning the loose skin but I'd still like to drop a few more kgs.  Will chat to PT about this next week I think...

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