Monday, March 7, 2011

12WBT - 05/03/11

It's nice when the in-laws are down.  We have a great time with them (I'm very lucky - couldn't have asked for nicer people to have as in-laws...poor Wifey drew the short straw comparatively).  We had a relaxing morning.  The in-laws went for a walk to get the daily papers and Wifey and I made the 12WBT banana bread :)  We had plenty of bananas so made a double batch - the freezer likes it too ;)

After having breakfast etc we went up to Chatswood for a bit of a wander around and lunch.  Wifey's parents were leaving on an early flight (turns out they had tickets to a concert in Brisbane tonight).  I wish Apple didn't have a store in Chatswood.  I'm sorely tempted by all their gadgets.  We're going to get an iPad 2 when released - only because we don't need another computer per se (3 laptops & the desktop aren't enough!?!).  Can't wait!

After a basic lunch, we wandered a bit more then headed home before saying goodbye to the in-laws.  We then sat around and contemplated all the things that we could do...but only contemplated, mind!

Breakfast: cereal & yoghurt...and berries
Lunch: ham & cheese panini
Dinner: basic pasta dish (with tomatoes, beans, broccoli etc)


*sigh* The scales will not like me this week!

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