Monday, March 14, 2011

12WBT - 14/03/11

I was told by one of the chicks at work today that I'm not allowed to wear my wedding band to the social evening on Friday (bowling, laser strike & drinkies) as it'll most likely fly off and do someone some damage.

It was a quiet day in the office.  I think the loud kids were sick - they weren't loud ;)  Perhaps busy? haha.  Had a few people comment on my lunch today.  I had the black quinoa in the wrap and people were very intrigued with it.  Quinoa is great, people!  Well, that was pretty much my answer to people.

After work - and a quick change of clothes - I went and met Wifey to go and see the next of the movies in our list of movies to use up tickets with - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  Again, a good movie (even though we've not seen the second one in the trilogy).  We went to a different cinema and it was PANTS!  The cinema was fine, but it took us 1hr 15 to get home because of the rubbish transport system here.  *sigh*

The downside to going to the movies tonight was that I missed my spin class (with the better instructor).  Fortunately, I've remembered the "marathon" tomorrow night and will go early to secure a bike.  If I can't, I'll do an hour on the treadmill and maybe a bit on the cross-trainers.  We'll see.

Breakfast: puffed rice, linseed, grapes, LF Greek yoghurt
Lunch: gluten-free wrap (shredded chicken, creamed corn, quinoa)
Dinner: boiled rice & honey soy chicken
Movie snack: popcorn

Saving for tomorrow night :D

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