Monday, March 7, 2011

12WBT - 04/03/11

Haha!  It's Friday and I have a day off!  WAHOO!!!

Wifey's folks are down today (only overnight now - not for the whole weekend).  Wifey's dad had a meeting during the day so I spent the day with Wifey's mum, which was nice for a change of scenery for us both :)  We popped out to North Sydney to pick up a couple of things and then dropped them off before heading up to Crows Nest for lunch (at Wrapido).  It was OK.  Would've been better had someone not decided to order a certain kind of wrap that he wouldn't eat...and realised about 2 minutes before it was put down in front of him...  Hmm.

After lunch we went to a favourite shop of both Wifey and her mum - Giftica (a close shop for me to pick up quick pressies for Wifey from ;) ) and then off to pick up the ingredients for dinner.  It's amazing how much of the day doing nothing chews up!  By the time we got home, Wifey's dad got home...then Wifey walked in.  It was like Grand Central Station!

Wifey and I had our joint PT session so we strolled up to the gym.  There must be something wrong with me as I really enjoyed today's session.  Two days in a row.  PT had us doing upper body stuff - including my first time on the cables.  I looked like a twat "chopping wood" and playing the "archer".  Pfft.  Give me an axe and a log any day ;)

When we got home, Wifey's mum had dinner all ready for us (after quick showers, of course).  Mmm.  I over ate but the blinis were divine.  So good with the bad things in life on them (sour cream, ham, jam...not all together of course!).  As only one of us eats seafood it wasn't worth getting the caviar, which is supposed to be well tasty with blini - yuck! ;)

Breakfast: umm, oops.  Forget I did.
Lunch: Mediterranean grilled vegetable wrap with couscous.
Dinner: blinis...sour cream, ham, jam.

PT session :)
Time: 0:56
Calories: only 459 :(
Average HR: 112
Max HR: 153
In zone: 15:06

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