Monday, March 7, 2011

12WBT - 02/03/11

Wifey can't do her PT session tomorrow so I'm taking it instead.  Yay :s  Given how rude I've been to PT of late I feel scared...

When I emailed PT, I told (politely) to stick this nutrition plan - and why I feel like this.  She was good about it and is going to work with me to come up with something that works for me and isn't too...well, I could say something rude here but I won't (c'mon - no need to get up off the floor!  I can sometimes be polite.  Sometimes.).  She also sent through a new exercise program to try.  I looked at it briefly.  It was only a brief look because I saw the word "Russian".  I know that I don't like seeing (or hearing) "Turkish" so the same feeling of dread comes over me...  Big girl's blouse?  Me?  Hell yeah! :P  haha  Nah, should be interesting.  It's one that should work the whole body - I'm liking the sound of that (just not the actual exercises).

Went out for lunch again with workmates.  This time it was only out to buy something and then come back to the office (where my lunch was).  I was surprised when someone commented that I had new trousers and I looked much slimmer.  Talk about stroking my ego - lol.  When I first started the 12WBT way back in September last year, I was wearing size 40 trousers (and they were borderline snug on me).  I'm now getting into size 34.  Still large, but so much better.  I think I'm now starting to see a bit more of a difference within myself.  I don't think I see as much of a change as what other people see, but then I'm kinda biased, huh?  Crap - that reminds me that I never took a before photo...must do that tonight (better late than never).  Haven't seen my family, well my nephews, since before Christmas.  Be interesting to see if they can spot any difference.  Smartarses most likely won't ;)


Meal 1 (6.45am)
1 boiled egg

Meal 2 (10am)
90g ham off the bone
1 x tomato
Meal 3 (1pm)
Salad - spinach, chilli, onion
1 x boiled egg

Meal 4 (4.30pm)
3 x slices roast beef
Steamed broccoli

Meal 5 (7.30pm)
150g lamb cutlets
Steamed broccoli & green beans

Oops.  Caught up with the blog & then converted the study into the spare bedroom (a la inflatable bed).  Before I knew it, it was time to start on dinner.  Time flies when you don't want it to...

Weigh-in day
So.  Jumped on the ol' scales this morning and expected an increase.  They never cease to amaze me.  A decrease.  Down to 85.4kg (-1.7kg on last week).  According to the 12WBT site, that's a 1.95% body loss. Hooray!  Not that I'm that fussy about the numbers, but if I were to drop another 7.4kg then I'll be in the "healthy" BMI range.  Possible goal...

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