Monday, March 7, 2011

12WBT - 06/03/11

Confession time.  I'm a fat, lazy arse.

Didn't do anything today!  Lazed in bed until about 1pm and then arsed about before getting groceries (not doing this "nutrition boot camp" makes for a much cheaper shop - about 25% cheaper!).  It's nice to know that I'm going back to a normal diet :)

After we got groceries, which took about an hour and a half by the time we ambled around the store (in part, being very stupid - but it was fun :) ), we came home, threw them in the fridge/cupboard and then pottered around doing things we normally would've done in the morning...then it was dinner time!  Crap!  Where do the hours go on weekends, huh?

Wifey had a bit of work to do in the evening so I played on the computer - printing out some pics to put in frames for her office, that sort of thing.  

I rate this as one of the better weekends we've had in a long while.  It was good for Wifey to have a relaxing one as we're chockers for the next few weekends :)

Breakfast: 12WBT banana bread (this recipe rocks!)
Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich
Dinner: roast pork & sweet potato mash with steamed green beans

*sigh*...again.  Really need to start doing more on the weekends - but this weekend was a bit of brain relaxation (I've got some heavy stats to work on this coming week - yay!?!)

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