Monday, March 21, 2011

12WBT - 19/03/11

Wifey and I got up early today to tidy the house.  Friends are up from Melbourne and we weren't sure if we'd end up coming back home with them so we pre-empted the possibility.  This was good exercise - not just running about, but up and down, lifting things etc ;)

We caught the bus to Milsons Point - via Wynyard as the bus driver changed routes without notifying passengers.  Was ok as we ended up seeing S&J, albeit a bit late (and I don't do being late, grr ;) ).  Absolutely awesome seeing them again.  They're expecting a bub later in the year so it was our first chance to congratulate them in person.

Ended up having lunch at Ripples, Milsons Point.  This was nice...if you have a liking for seafood.  If you don't, choices are limited (even more so if you're uber fussy like me and don't do nuts either!).  I ended up having a delicious, tasty vegetarian tasting platter.  Okay, there were pinenuts in the small salad, but they're easy enough to pick out :)

After a stroll across the bridge (in the rain - luckily it wasn't heavy, just persistent) we wandered around the Rocks Markets.  I managed to find a nice wee pair of earrings for Wifey (last of the big spenders, huh? ;) ).  We were heading towards a lovely little French patisserie but ended up in an Irish tea room (yep, polar extremes).  We had a devonshire tea for afternoon tea - this ended up pretty much being Wifey & my dinner as we were a bit chockers, even when we got home...and later.

It was just a relaxing evening - blobbing out on the couch.

Breakfast: toast with ricotta & raspberries
Lunch: vegetarian tasting platter (vegetable terrine, roast pumpkin salad, tempura zucchini flowers)
Snack/dinner: 2 scones with jam & cream

Housework & a couple of gentle walks (about 20-30min each).

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