Monday, March 28, 2011

12WBT - 27/03/11

Even though I appear to have done nothing but sleep, I still managed to sleep in until 8.30am!  For me, that's a massive sleep in on the weekend!  I felt a bit better than yesterday, but only marginally.  I was stoked that as the day progressed I began feeling better.

Doing the ironing (that had been stockpiled for the last few weeks waiting for the ironing pixies to come and do them for us...*sigh*).  That killed a couple of hours, by which time it was nearly time for Wifey to get home.  Poor chook had been away for the weekend on a Duke of Edinburgh camp-thing.  She was as knackered when she got home as I had been feeling (hers was deserved though - mine wasn't!).

Went and got the groceries, dealt with dinner and BANG that was the evening gone.  Where on earth is our time disappearing to?  It's fair vanishing and I'm not overly chuffed about it.

On the plus side, I did treat myself to a new iPad 2...just 'cos I felt like it (deffo not 'cos I deserved it!).

Breakfast: cereal & yoghurt
Lunch: cup of soup
Dinner: filled roll

Nothing :(


  1. My husband wants a Ipad 2 - his reasoning - because it's cool. Must be a male thing, but how is it out of interest? Worth getting? Sounds like you needed the sleep too. Natures way of reviving you :)

  2. Our reason: if Wifey is doing schoolwork and I need to play on the computer it saves me having to get up and go into the study ;) Oh, and the cover looked pretty cool. Not sure if worth it or not - ordered online so dunno when we get it (the cover arrived today though - and the av plug so we can plug it into the TV (MY justification) or data projector (Wifey's justification)).

    Sleep is GOOD PEOPLE! Sleep and I get on well good these days. Now to work on my relationship with exercise... ;)