Tuesday, March 8, 2011

12WBT - 07/03/11

...and another week begins.  I'm concerned that this is my "fat" week.  I reckon, just over the last three days, I must've packed on about 10kgs.  Ugh.  Oh well, from bad weeks come good weeks - I shall wait and see what the scales tell me (either to have a good week, a good week, or a f**king good week! - my wager is on the latter :s ).

Even though I had a short week last week, I feel as though this week is dragging.  How bad is it that I'm saying this on a Monday?  Work was slow, but I put that down to the fact that I had an inbox full of emails from Friday...and then there was the couple of things I couldn't be bothered doing on Thursday (oops!).  Mustn't complain.  I'm going home early today as we've got a plumber coming around to look at a few drips around the place (no!  Not me!  Cheeky bugger ;) ).  I'm taking work home with me to do in the arvo (to save dipping into personal leave).

Home seems to be a somewhat productive place.  No emails (work) to bug me - or phone calls.  My new secret is not to give out my mobile number!  Even though I couldn't show I've done a lot, I have - most of it in the theoretical sense.  Oh, and trying to work out how best to present a shed load of data.  Might be able to play around with stats and graphs tomorrow.  Small things, I know.

I do like Mondays (even though getting started is a bit of a chore).  Monday is the first of the two spin days.    I know that PT wants me to do more weights...but spin and cardio is so much more fun for me.  Exercise has to be about the fun, you know!  

Once again, spin was awesome.  A bit tough towards the end.  We had to keep cranking on the gears for the hills.  I had to lower a couple of times when we sat down again (poor wee legs couldn't handle the heavy gears when sitting).  Wifey seems to enjoy this one more than the Thursday one - could be why she has her 1:1 PT session on Thursdays while I'm at spin :)

Breakfast: kangaroo rissole & boiled egg
Lunch: salad (rocket, spinach, carrot, beetroot, sprouts)
Dinner: chicken breast in a homemade tomato sauce (pretty much tomorrow's fish dish - adapted for us :) )

Time: 1:01
Calories: 839
Average HR: 145
Max HR: 174
In zone: 24:02

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