Monday, March 14, 2011

12WBT - 13/03/11

Poor Wifey had to go to her school's open day today.  That was a bit tough as it meant our Sunday lie-in was interrupted.  Bah!  

While she got up and ready, I went out to the kitchen to make a start on the bruschetta that I was in charge of taking out to my sister's place this arvo.  As my nephew (#6/7 in the ranking) is turning 16 tomorrow, she decided to throw a small party for him (also, his grandparents on the other side of the whanau are over from NZ).  My sister is the kind of person who caters to the hilt - so it was a battle to be allowed to bring bruschetta!

Went to the school to meet Wifey (and have a small tour of the school - all of this is related to my PhD topic, so I was well interested in things ;) ).  On the way to the car we popped into a shoe store and ended up getting a couple of pairs of shoes (2 for her; 1 for me).  Hmm.  We were then off to the other side of Sydney to my sister's.  Yay.  Can you spot the enthusiasm? ;)

Because we were late there, we didn't want to have to spend hours and hours there (I know, this sounds bad, but we both had things we needed to achieve before hitting the hay).  We were there for about 3 hours - and as we were about to leave at 6pm, the BBQ was being lit up.  We were kind of pleased not to be around for all that food!  Like I said, she over caters and had so much food it wasn't funny.  We were content with a few mini-quiches and some of the bruschetta - we didn't need the fried rice, meat, etc...or desserts (though I did take a couple of very mini lemon meringue pies).

On the way home there was this massive buildup of traffic - luckily in the opposite direction.  As is often the case here in Sydney, there appeared to be absolutely no reason for it!  We had a smooth ride home though, so I wasn't complaining about that ;)

Breakfast: cereal (granola) with LF Greek Yoghurt & honey
Lunch: turkish bread sandwich
Dinner: bruschetta, mini-quiches

None - just tidying of house & a bit of rough-housing with nephews.

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