Monday, January 31, 2011

12WBT - 31/01/11

Today was just another boring day in the office.  What more to say?

Was a bit warm out and apparently will be much like this for the rest of the week.  Joy!  I like warmth, but this is such a horrible heat.  Luckily most of the day was spent in the air con - phew!

So.  This is it.  Wifey and I diaried a spin class at the gym.  We're nearly ready to go to it (part of me was hoping we would have something else crop up - I've heard it's going to kill...).  My legs are still a wee bit sore from the last visit to the gym - I'll either cry or throw up...

Wahoo, baby!  We're back!  I'm hooked.  Loved it!  Bring it on!  Spin is way cool and fun and...awesome!  Okay, so I couldn't do all the standing bits - my legs were a wee bit too shaky but I gave it a crack.  I'd been told that the classes go really quickly - understatement of the year!  Just as I felt I was starting to get into it, the instructor said it was time to stop :(  How quickly does an hour go when you're in a zone and having heaps of fun.

Next class is on Thursday evening.  Not sure if you've worked out, but I'm very much looking forward to it.

When we got home it was time to cook dinner (we'd prepped before we went to the gym).  This part isn't as much fun - it leads to dishes that need done - haha.  It made the evening seem...longer doing all this after the gym (but then when you do a bit of work, it shortens it, sadly).

Onwards and upwards in terms of my fitness now.  A good experience for a newbie gymmer.

Breakfast: puffed rice, LF Greek yoghurt, strawberries & blueberries
Snack: mixed seeds
Lunch: mountain bread wrap (egg, spinach, onion)
Snack: icy pop
Dinner: vege paella (tofu, capsicum, onion, rice)

Time: 1:28
Calories: 1222
Average HR: 146
Max HR: 184
In zone: 23:35 :(

12WBT - 30/01/11

Today was the most non-productive, yet productive, day I've had.  I felt like nothing was achieved, but I was able to cross off most things on my list (save a couple that I either started or started in my head).  This included the dreaded task of ironing!  Oh, and I did dishes and cooked dinner (though saying I cooked is a bit of a stretch when you see what it was, which in itself was a saga!).  I also managed to complain a lot and feel sorry for myself.  

My legs were worse today than yesterday.  I swear, my body is punishing me for neglecting it over the summer.  Bah!  I'll get my revenge on way or another.  I did get really pro-active and start plotting gym sessions in the ol' diary.  I've tended not to use a physical diary much - relying more on the electronic variety but this year I'm reverting back to the old fashioned one!  I had a look at the class timetables for the gym and Wifey and I have picked two classes for this week - and one normal gym session (as well as the SunRun and possibly our PT session).  This is a huge step for me, can I just say.  I'm still very self-conscious when I go into the gym but I'm guessing that as time goes on I'll come right (or at least that's what I tell myself).

I downloaded a trial of a new piece of photo editing software that I now must buy (lets start thinking about how best to spend more time in front of a computer, huh?).  I'm going to diary time to work on photos into my days - along with PhD...and gym...and..............  Ugh, where do the hours go?

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast & an apple
Lunch: lavosh & hummus...and beetroot (mmm...beetroot)
Dinner: toasted sandwich (swiss cheese, onion and tomato)

None - just did a couple of stretches hoping that would make the muscles ache a bit less.  Worked at the time only.  Do not recommend as a permanent solution.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

12WBT - 29/01/11

When a PT tells you that you might be a bit sore the next day, believe them!  They speak the truth.  Well, with this they speak the truth - my PT and I are agreeing to disagree over counting as she's usually one behind me ;)  

My legs were a wee bit ouchies this morning when I woke up.  As with last night, I almost stacked it again going down the steps.  Poor legs didn't know what was going on.  I can laugh about it now - but only because I didn't go for a six - haha.  Nah, it's not that bad.  Have felt worse before.  At least I know that it's only because I've not done anything physical for the last 5 or 6 weeks (getting up and down from the truck in Africa doesn't really count, eh?).  Once my body remembers what squats are I'll be fine.

This weekend, I feel, will go very quickly.  It's one of those ones where you have great intentions of doing all sorts of things - but know that the reality of the situation is that you're not going to get much done.  I'm trying to use lists more this year and thus far have only managed to cross one thing off this weekend's 'to dos'.  Tomorrow will be more productive.

We went to the mall today to get me a haircut.  The mall was full of kids.  To be more exact, the hair dressers were full of kids.  Not just full, chockers!  Ugh.  I did not have the patience for that so we pottered around as we waited for the first batch of photos from the holiday to be printed (still need to go through the rest...and then begin the editing process - see, this is why I need lists!).  Was rather uneventful.  Did realise that my legs were a wee bit sore still.

Breakfast: omelette (with parmesan, ham & onion) and 2 slices of toast
Lunch: 2 crackers with brie (still full from lunch)
Dinner: kumara salad with pork

None - unless you count wandering around aimlessly...which I don't.

Friday, January 28, 2011

12WBT - 28/01/11

Even after a hiccup in the middle of the week (courtesy of Australia Day), I was acutely aware of today being Friday...finally.  It's been a long week, while at the same time being a short week.  Make sense, no?  I can now honestly say that I've caught up at work.  In fact, I'm ahead on a report that we were hoping to have ready closer to the middle of the year (the draft was sent out today, even).  My manager and I were chatting about courses and we seem to have found some to go on - just got to get the rubber stamp to pay for them now.  For some reason, the ABS don't offer many in Sydney - or not the ones I want to do - so looks like there might be trips around the country in store.

While I've caught up on work, I don't think I can catch up on exercise.  It's been a well pants week in that respect.  So much for my plan of going to the gym every day (now that I've got a membership - finally!).  On the plus side (if you see it like that), I have survived the first PT session of the year.  I'm sure survive sounds a bit too positive for how I feel though...  Including the just on 10 minute walk up there, and the 20 minute struggle home (down hill, which I thought would make it easier, I might add), my 1.5 hour session burnt off 1166 calories.  Not overly happy with this, but the struggle at the end wouldn't have helped any.  PT 'eased' me back in with nearly 10 mins on the treadmill before moving to a weights circuit.  The shame of struggling to lift light weights was immense :(  This included squats with weights on my shoulders - the lesson I learned was not to say the weight is "OK" - even if they are - as this leads to an increase of weights next time.  We ended up with a cardio circuit.  I just have to reiterate: Turkish get-ups are ridiculous; I feel like a right twat doing them (and self-conscious when my belly pops out for a look-see).

After all this, I was fine on my legs...until walking down the stairs to leave the gym.  Nearly stacked it on the bloody first step as my dumbass legs were like jelly.  Walking home was no better.  Have you tried walking down hills - and more steps - when you have legs made out of raspberry Aeroplane jelly?  Try it.  It's deffo an experience that's hard to describe.

Seriously though, all smart arsed comments aside, it was great to be doing something physical again :)  The added bonus of the session was the comment when PT saw me (the first time since our last session before Christmas) - she thought I was fading away (particularly in the face).  Not to the point of looking gaunt or stupid yet (still way too much fat on the body for that), but to the point of it now being more noticeable that I'm losing weight.  Yeah :)

It was a funny day in terms of food, too.  I was fair starving for most of the day.  I could've demolished my lunch at about 10.30am (and I'm pleased I didn't as I would've been picking at all the food laid out in the staff kitchen otherwise - curse leftovers from meetings!  Ahh, I'm quite good at not going in for things there - self restraint has improved on the program).  Was a bit naughty (a bit!?!  Try a LOT) when I got home as I picked up a Magnum for a snack.  My defence was that I was going to the gym anyway.  How lame is that?  Going to the gym just to work of the sh*t you've just put into your body won't get you anywhere.  *sigh*

Breakfast: usual - puffed rice (with oats & flax seed), LF Greek yoghurt, blueberries & strawberries
Lunch: mountain bread wrap (pumpkin hummus, shaved ham, rocket & parmesan)
Snack: white choc Magnum ice cream :(
Dinner: spag bol (using gluten free spirals) - only a small portion, which is an improvement
Dessert: icy pop :)

Time: 1:33
Calories: 1166
Average HR: 138
Max HR: 179
In zone: 48:23

12WBT - 27/01/11

Even though I wasn't going to go into work early today, I still did.  I will tomorrow, too.  It's nice being in there so early - the phone doesn't ring & people aren't emailing.  It's a chance to get stuff done without people around for me to annoy (I'm the king of procrastination!).  I was in at 6.50am today and thought I'd have a leisurely breakfast while getting stuff done.  Didn't quite happen.  By 8am, I was starving and couldn't hold back any longer.  Had to eat.

Wifey re-confirmed our PT session for tomorrow.  5pm sounded like a good idea at the time.  I guess it's an excuse not to head out for drinks after work (which is better for me?  Hmm?).  A few months back there was no way I would've contemplated going for a PT session - or entering the gym.  Now.  Meh.  Am very much looking forward to getting stuck into things again.  Whoo!

I'd told Wifey that one of the goals is to lose the jelly from the belly, which she very kindly relayed to PT.  Apparently, Omega-3 is good for this (something about connecting the...and that's kinda when I stopped listening).  As I'm not a fishy person (lol), PT suggested flax oil instead (as it does the same thing) - twice a day.  I shall look into this (I'm already having ground flax seeds on my cereal every day so that's got to be a would hope).  The other thing PT told her was to remove gluten from the diet - for about 10 weeks.  I'm toying very seriously with this idea.  I think that if I do this, I'll do it from the start of the round and for the whole round - it'll be easier for my head to accept.  In theory, anyhow!

Might have to do more in the way of weights, too.  Cardio isn't as good for jelly belly reduction as I'd first thought.  Talk about more changes comin' my way.  I don't do change very well.  Okay, I should say I don't do change very well when I'm paying attention to things - which isn't actually that often.

Breakfast: cereal (puffed rice, oats, flax seed), blueberries, strawberries & LF Greek yoghurt
Snack: banana
Lunch: salad (carrot, spinach & rocket, beetroot)
Snack: mixed seeds
Dinner: Mexican potatoes (incl. eggplant) & corn on the cob

Thursday, January 27, 2011

12WBT - 26/01/11

Happy Australia Day and all that associated jazz.

I knew that I wasn't going to do anything today and boy was I pleased about that!  Bloody hell, it was warm.  Being from 'near Antarctica', I think anything over 20 is hot.  Today was over 30!  Yuck.

After we finally got up and pottered (including brekkie), we went off to lunch at The Tea Room in Mosman.  Great lunch menu - nothing that Mish would approve of, but it *is* Australia's birthday - haha.  It was such a relaxing place, with a great view over the harbour.  The weather was a bit pants when we arrived - the mist or whatever it was covered the harbour.  Fortunately, as we ate it cleared.

I really enjoy our visits from the in-laws - sadly, they're always very short.  It's just a relaxing time.  I usually de-stress (if I am stressed) fairly quickly.  Wifey is happy to see her folks.  We eat well (perhaps too well).  Yeah.  Very happy EP.

Breakfast: toast (ciabatta) with marmite
Lunch: twice cooked pork belly & kifler potato salad (and a lemon tart for dessert)
Dinner: a cheese toastie (swiss cheese) - still full from lunch!

The downside to having a day off mid-week is that I inevitably think it's a Saturday ;)

Weigh-in: 88.8kgs (no change from the weigh-in at demographics)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12WBT - 25/01/11

All going to plan, today will be my last day starting work before 7am.  It's a pain in the rear having to try and catch up on all the stuff that just sat around for a month while we were away over Christmas.  I'm not after sympathy - I'm choosing to be this stupid.  I like to get in early as it gives me time without interruption to get things done.

The in-laws came down today - just for the night.  Since it was such a fleeting visit, I finished work at 2.30pm so I could go and spend a bit more time with them.  Started off with a wander around the Pitt St Westfields (nothing strenuous) with Wifey and MIL before heading home to crank up the barbie.  It was the first real workout the wee barbie's had since we got it before Christmas.

I do have to admit that I was contemplating a visit to the gym - but the reality was I wasn't going to do it.  On the plus side, PT confirmed our first session for 2011 for Friday.  Am looking forward to it, too (sick puppy, eh?).  I think that on Thursday I'll get out the Biggest Loser DVDs.  For anyone who didn't read my blog last year, I LOVE these - with a passion.  The first couple of weeks doing them (I did them instead of going to the gym) my language was terrible!  I cursed and swore at Mish and Shannon; but then found myself answering their questions and laughing with them...

Breakfast: puffed rice, LF Greek yoghurt, blueberries
Snack: apricot
Lunch: leftover veggie stirfry from last night
Snack: apricot
Dinner: (I'm sorry - I pigged out) 150g Angus sirloin steak, 2 sausages, 3 slices of polenta slice, salad (cherry tomatoes, rocket, parmesan)...not to mention some hummus & ciabatta and stuffed bell peppers


I'm looking forward to making a start back on the exercise path.  Must remember to weigh-in tomorrow morning (and only do it once a week - have been doing it almost daily of late).

12WBT - 24/01/11

When I woke up this morning, it was like turning another page.  Only problem was that by the end of the day, I'd still not actually done it.  Dumbass!

The first pre-season task was to pop online to the forum and introduce yourself.  That's cool.  Nice & easy. Did it yesterday (in the post-payment excitement and enthusiasm).  Also popped another couple of posts up, including this blog URL.  I know why I choose to read other peoples' blogs (when time permits) but why would anyone bother to read this tripe?  (Rhetorical question - I posed it last year, too.  It's what I do ;) ).

As I mentioned above, I didn't turn the page today.  What the hell do I mean by that?  I was going to get up and start the 'goodness' - eat well, exercise etc.  Kinda started well - until I got home from work (even at work I wasn't as good as I should've been) and it all went down hill from there.  I was going to go to the gym with Wifey this afternoon.  Didn't happen.  Instead, we had a cup of tea and I had some shortbread with it.  Grr.  Not happy with myself over that.  I shall consider today my 'bad' day - of which I allow myself one a week.  Maybe I should allow myself one a fortnight?  New year, new rules.  Done!  As it is in writing, so be it.

How else was I bad?  I never had my snacks.  I feel like my whole day was being played in slow mo' as a result.  What did I have to eat today?

Breakfast: two naked crumpets, with a side of doxy* washed down with water ;)
Lunch: grilled chicken mountain bread wrap (cherry tomato, grilled chicken, grated parmesan, spinach & rocket and, as a treat, mango chutney)
Afternoon tea: slice of blueberry cake & shortbread ***naughty***
Dinner: veggie stir-fry with tofu (left overs for lunch tomorrow - YUM!)

The only exercise I had today was walking to and from the train stations (given how close to them I live & work, this is a MAJOR embarrassment!!!).  I know that the next two days are going to be no better as the in-laws are down and I want to spend time with them, so very little exercise.  

And here come all the excuses :(  The program hasn't started in earnest yet - still have time to get them out of my system - lol.

Monday, January 24, 2011

12WBT - let the pre-season begin / starting demographics

Hello!  Happy New Year!

Well, after about four or five weeks, we're finally here.  Mish has opened it up for 2011.  I was toying with the idea of not paying for it now - wait until just before round 1 finally starts...but I couldn't do it.  Had to sign up now.  So I did.

Where have I come from?  At the start of round 3 I weighed in at 105kgs.  I knew I was fat but hadn't quite accepted how bad it was (as I knew I'd been in a worse position a couple of years before - maxing out at around 125-130kgs).  I'd had a bad year - quitting my job in April and then struggling to find a new one...until around the time round 3 opened.  It was during this period of being an unemployed bum that I saw on The Circle something about the 12WBT.   It was really a mindset change.  There wasn't too much of a lifestyle change (though if you read my blog from then, you might disagree - lol) - the biggest things to change were: (a) having breakfast daily and (b) doing exercise.  I had set a goal of joining a gym - but that didn't actually happen until last week.  I couldn't get past my mental block that I was too fat for a gym so I wasn't going to set foot inside.  My first session in a gym was on December 17, 2010!  I only remember this because Wifey and I flew out to Africa later that day ;)

During the Christmas break I wasn't sure how I'd cope with my weight.  We did an African safari for a month so spent most time sitting on a truck driving...and eating snacks.  Meals consisted of a lot of bread and carbs (especially potatoes and pasta!).  I felt I'd put on around 5kgs.  One of the first things I did when we got back home on January 14th was to weigh myself.  To my utter surprise, I was about 88kgs - a loss of 4kgs.  How stoked was I?  I have no idea when I was last this weight!  Most likely around high school?  Who knows?

How will this blog work?  I plan to put up daily entries (a day in arrears).  The entry will include some bits about my day (the boring part, but I find useful to map moods etc), what I've eaten and any exercise (including the calories burnt - this year I will also include my heart rate info).  I welcome any comments (if you feel the desire to say anything - and will try to respond to all) or suggestions - so please feel free.  

I'll start with some basic stats (as I did with last year's blog):
Age: 33 (will turn 34 on day 3 of round 1)

Gender: Male - this definitely won't change during the program

Location: Wollstonecraft, Sydney, NSW

Support crew: Wifey - she's put up with me this long doubt this'll change either

Height: 5'10" (or 178cm) - again, not likely to change

Weight: 88kgs (hmm, it was 88.8 this morning after nearly a week of being 88.0.  Not. Happy.  Jan.)

Goals: (in no order)

  • To complete as many fun runs as possible (the first is the Sun Run on Feb 5th!)
  • To lose weight (min 10kgs)
  • To tone up (i.e., get rid of the flabby skin)
  • To cook more!
  • To go to the gym at least 3 times a week

So.  Bring on this round and let me cement all I've learnt thus far!  YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW!