Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 15/04/11

Still knackered.  Being in a dead quiet office sure doesn't help matters!  Almost straight after dinner last night I zonked out.  Fell asleep on the couch before 8.30pm - completely dead to the world.  I think this is what I least I hope it was!

Wifey called in for lunch today, which was a nice surprise.  She was dragged around the office to meet people she only hears about.  They all sympathised with her :( haha  We went up to my fav place for lunch (yep - Wagamamas, baby!).  Wandered around the city for a wee bit afterwards and then I had to head back to work.  I left her at Gap (figuring it was a dangerous move, but she deserves a splurge!)...

Our joint PT session was at 4.45.  The gym was like a morgue tonight!  No idea what happened to everyone - usually it's fairly busy, even on a Friday night.  Not tonight.  We started with the warm up on the treadmill before heading around to play with the cables (bloody squats), up to the weights, then back to the cables (and bloody sit ups) ;)  It was actually a good session, despite me being exhausted.

Talk about being naughty tonight.  We got home and couldn't be arsed cooking...  Yep - walked up the road for takeaway (well, dined in so we didn't have dishes either).  How bad is that!?!  This is what I mean by slacking off the program for a while - arrrrrrrrghhhhh!

Breakfast: puffed rice, grapes, yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken ramen (a la Wagamamas)
Dinner: chicken burger (a la Grill'd)

PT session - cables & weights
Time: 55:50
Calories: 545
Average HR: 121 
Max HR: 164
In zone: 27:54

12WBT - 14/04/11

Firstly, happy birthday to the ol' lady.  Mum's 71 today - sheesh!  I must be getting old, too!  I remember when she turned 50!

I spent the whole day crunching numbers at work.  Not sure I know exactly what I was trying to achieve, but I felt well happy with the fact that the different ways I calculated things all seemed to fall within a similar range.  Go me!

Have to admit to feeling absolutely knackered - as the week progresses, I seem to be getting worse.  No idea what that's about.  Wonder if it's because my routine's been all up the sh*t this week?  Quite possible.

Wifey had her 1:1 with PT tonight.  Because it was at 5.30, I go up to the gym with her and do my own thing.  Wasn't sure exactly what to do tonight - usually I end up doing an hour on the treadmill.  Tonight, I told myself, would be different.  It kinda was, too.  Started on the cross trainer.  Figured I'd do an hour on that for a change.  Who the hell was I kidding!  After 15 mins, my legs were fair killing me.  I moved to my friend, the treadmill.  Did 30mins on there and thought that I should share the love with other machines that I've tended to ignore.  I finished the hour on the cycle (without adjusting it...dumb move).

Walking home I couldn't help but think back to Friday nights last year - I used to walk up to the gym to meet Wifey and walk home with her (never setting foot in the gym itself).  How the times have changed!

Breakfast: puffed rice & yoghurt
Lunch: leftover veggie stir fry (yum!)
Dinner: mustard chicken on polenta

Cardio - cross trainer, treadmill, cycle
Time: 58:42
Calories: 944
Average HR: 159
Max HR: 169
In zone: 19:05

12WBT - 13/04/11

Nothing to report from today.  Was a quiet day.  Pretty much just sat at work and caught up on the last couple of days worth of emails etc.

The plan, when I got home, was to head up to the gym - or at least go for a walk with Wifey.  The reality, however, couldn't have been any further from this.  I am so overtired that when I walked in the door I pretty much headed straight for the bedroom to lay down.  OK, so that's a slight exaggeration.  I kinda helped Wifey with dinner - as much as I could, anyway.  Then I went to bed.  I feel like an old man - in bed by 8pm!  Sad much?  Mind you, there was good tele on so it's not like I'm sad and fall asleep straight away - lol.

Breakfast: toast - naked
Lunch: Cheese sandwich (all I could be arsed making last night!)
Dinner: vegetable stir fry

Zip.  Nada.  Nil.  None.

Oh God - how much was it to go up???  WTF?  It didn't!?  It went down.  Hallelujah!  Only down 300g but hey, I'm not complaining.  85.5kg.  Better than what I was fearing!

12WBT - 12/04/11

Waking up was tough going.  Even though the alarm was set so we could have a sleep-in, I still woke up early.  Fear of what was to come, perhaps? ;)

After breakfast, we (Wifey, mum-in-law & I) piled into the car and headed for a family outing - to the dentist.  How unimpressed am I over this prospect?  It wasn't so bad - until I was told I had a small cavity - confirmed by the x-ray.  I begrudgingly allowed the filling to go ahead.  Even though I wasn't happy about this, it turns out that it was more than just the 'little black spot on the x-ray' and had I left it longer I ran the risk of it ending up being a root canal in the not too distant future...

Wifey and I then headed off to the jewellers who designed Wifey's engagement ring and our wedding bands.  Since discovering the 12WBT and losing weight (around 20kg since the start of round 3 last year), my poor wedding band has become a dangerous weapon - especially seeing as I use my hands to talk so much.  It flies nicely through the air!  Instead of getting it resized or having a ball bearing put in to help it fit better, I'm getting a new one (as it's easier than getting the old one adapted).  My ring size has dropped about 5 sizes (explaining the looseness, huh?).  Won't get it until mid-May (bloody Easter ;) ).

We then went out for a light lunch before wandering around Bulimba for a bit.  Sadly, this ended our time in Brisbane (for the time being) as we had to head out to the airport for the flight home.  The down side of coming home is not being able to step off the plane and walk straight in the door - lol.

Breakfast: toast
Lunch: roasted veggie & goats cheese tart
Dinner: chicken curry & rice (a la Qantas)


12WBT - 11/04/11

It was nice to wake up in the warmth again.  It wasn't a sleep in, but it was more than I've had for the last couple of days.  Okay, when my phone alarm went off at 5:45 I wasn't impressed, but I did easily drift back off after that.

Wifey was meeting up with one of her friends so I took the opportunity just to relax and do absolutely nothing - nothing at all!  It was bliss.

When Wifey got back we did go for a walk - most likely only about 30mins, but it was nice to be out and about (saving the ol' legs from seizing up - not that they felt like they were going to).  Wifey's mum very kindly made us borsch for dinner - which went down very well, especially with a few raw cloves of garlic...  Shame I've got the dentist tomorrow ;)

Breakfast: Special K & yoghurt, strawberries & raspberries
Lunch: wrap (lettuce, ham, tomato, capsicum)
Dinner: borsch & raw garlic

Gentle 30min walk around the neighbourhood.

12WBT - 10/04/11

Did not have a long sleep.  I fear I could be crabby today - EP needs his beauty sleep each night ;)

Wasn't too bad.  We opted not to have breakfast at the hotel, only by virtue of meeting up with a friend we met in Africa for brunch :)  Even though we had an 11am checkout, the hotel kindly had its housekeeping staff knock on the door at 9:50 to enquire as to what time we were checking out...  This could explain the huge number of people checking out on our floor when we did - earlier than the 11am one.

We were pleased we were able to leave the car in the carpark - if not only for the fact that they'd parked us in anyway.  Dumped our stuff in the car and then went off for brunch at Gus's.  Not healthy, but hey, who cares - when we're away we tend to splurge ;)

After an awesome catch up, it was back to the hotel and to the car...for the enthralling drive back up to Sydney.  Seriously, the Sydney-Canberra road has to be one of the dullest in the country ;)  The weather started to pack in, so it wasn't as much fun.  Coming into Sydney drove me even more insane as there was traffic everywhere (worse than usual) because of road closures for the triathlon.  Oh well.  Only delayed us for about 25mins.

We were only really home long enough to have a cuppa, throw a load of laundry on, pack the next cases and have a quick dinner before we were off again.  This time by train to the airport and then up to Brissie.

Got into Brissie just on 11pm.  I. Am. So. Tired.

Brunch: spicy sausage omelette & toast
Dinner: cheese toastie

Lugging our suitcase on & off trains and at the airport - pretty much all.

12WBT - 09/04/11

Woke up bright and early - which caused no end of complaining from me.  Here we were, away from the normal distractions of home and able to sleep in but my body just never allows it!  Arrrrgh!  Anyhow, them's the breaks I guess.

After surfacing and wandering down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  It was an OK breakfast - most likely one of the best we've had in an Australian hotel, but still poor compared to some we've had overseas.  Filled up for a day of strolling around the sites of Canberra (haha).  No idea why they scheduled the run for 4pm - am guessing it was so people could drive there from elsewhere? 

Because of a substantial breakfast, we opted to skip lunch in favour of a latte and cake around 1pm.  Most likely not the wisest of moves really.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the run.  Our enthusiasm levels were so far below zero it wasn't funny.  Got a cab to the event and milled around.  One of my workmates was doing the 5km run so we were there in time for that - she changed her mind and did the 10km with us.  This was good as her and I compete a wee bit (not much because we're about as good as the other and usually finish within about 10-15 seconds apart).

The run itself was as boring as batsh*t.  In fact, watching paint dry for an hour would've been as much, if not more, fun!  Would've been better if it hadn't been four laps around...nothing.  Oh well.  We did it - and my time improved slightly on the last 10km run we did (only by a few minutes but an improvement is nevertheless an improvement).

Me - looking knackered (I wish I paid attention to where photographers were...)
Following the eventful (haha) fun run, we went back to the hotel and freshened up.  We were then off to meet up with one of Wifey's childhood friends for dinner at her place.  It was a relaxing night, but I was ready for bed around 9pm - lol.

Breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, rhubarb, pears & yoghurt
Lunch: not really lunch, but we shared a lemon tart
Dinner: Thai - I wasn't impressed as it was ordered in for us and I don't tend to do Thai.  Not sure what it exactly was that we were eating...short of the boiled rice ;)

10km fun run
Time: 1:05
Calories: 1161
Average HR: 169
Max HR: 187
In zone: 3:46 (umm, how bad was this!)