Monday, March 14, 2011

12WBT - 12/03/11

Wifey had her 1:1 PT session at 8am this morning so I went up with her.  PT was feeling kind so we did a 30min joint session (weights) and then Wifey had the last 30min on her own while I was banished to the treadmill.  We were up at a different gym today and I fell in love with the treadmills there!  They have pictures of different tracks (e.g. running track, island, mountain).  I like that kind of thing...keeps me interested ;)

When we got home we had breakfast.  Plumber bloke came in to have a look.  A minute later, he was gone.  Think it'll be a big job in a couple of weeks.  Rather them than me.  I wouldn't know where to begin (short of the obvious: in the shower).

Once we'd tided up the breakfast dishes, showered etc, we headed off to the movies.  We bought some cheap tickets a few weeks back and realised they're about to expire soon...  We went and saw The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon).  It was okay.  Not the best movie I've ever seen, but by no means the worst either.  Was nice to do something relaxed like that.  We've not really had much quality time together for a while - something's always interrupting.  At least in the movie we weren't looking at computers or phones etc.

After the movie we went and got groceries (since tomorrow will be a busy-ish day).  As is always the way, we forgot to get a few things for tomorrow.  Rather than driving back to the supermarket, we came home, made & had dinner (another quick & easy dish) and then went for a walk to the supermarket (how good are we, huh? ;) ).

I think I actually rate today quite highly on my list of relaxing days off.  I'd rather have been a bit more relaxed (on a beach somewhere) but them's the breaks.

Breakfast: three-egg omelette (1 yolk, 3 whites; onion, cherry tomatoes, parmesean)
Lunch: popcorn at movies
Dinner: gluten-free pasta (spirals) with zucchini, mushrooms, onions)

PT session
Someone forgot to press the button twice to info :(

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