Monday, February 28, 2011

12WBT - 28/02/11

I'm starting off by saying how much fun I had at spin tonight!  It was awesome!  Even though I was fair knackered mid-way through, I kept on goin'.  The instructor ended with a few minutes of heavy climbs, which was so much fun.  Killed the legs but I'm sure it was all worth it :)

Otherwise.  Monday.  What else can you say about Mondays (short of 'thank God they're over' ;) )?  Work was work.  Home was home.  Never enough hours in the day when you get home - even if you're like me and get home at 4pm (or shortly after).

I'm starting to feel a bit hungrier through the days, which is annoying me.  It could be the temperature doing it - hard to say.  Might be because I'm not eating enough, too.  I know I should be (in theory) aiming for 2-2.5kgs of veggies each day but...excessive much?  No thanks.  I like them but sure as hell don't want to get sick of them ;)


Meal 1 (6.50am)
120g kangaroo rissole
Mixed seeds

Meal 2 (10.15am)
100g lamb fillet
mixed seeds
Meal 3 (1pm)
1 salad (spinach, onion, chilli)
1 boiled egg
1 tomato
Meal 4 (4.15pm)
90g chicken breast
Steamed broccoli & green beans
Meal 5 (7.30pm)
Grilled chicken (marinated in chilli, lime, oil & garlic)

Spin class, baby, yeah!
Time: 1:03
Calories: 1059
Average HR: 137
Max HR: 169
In zone: 38:42 (not bad - could be better)

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