Tuesday, April 5, 2011

12WBT - 03/04/11

What's this rubbish about an extra hour of sleep today?  I think my body missed the memo somewhere along the line...  Y'know what, though?  Even though we didn't have an extra hour of sleep (because one of us was too wide awake ;) ), we did just chill this morning.  It's nice doing that.  Relaxing - making the most of the sunshine streaming in the window and the peace of the neighbourhood.  I think this is a must for a normal, healthy life.  You can get too caught up with the hustle and bustle and forget that down time is just as important - as is quiet time alone.

When we finally surfaced, it was to head up to pick up some DVD storage from up the road - and some more DVDs to add to the collection (we need more shelving for DVDs - the slimline things we've replaced the old jewel cases with still take up a shed-load of room).  From there it was off to get groceries (via a lovely lunch at Lane Cove).  Yeah, exciting, huh?

When we got home I vegged on the couch while Wifey put the groceries away.  Actually, my vegging was productive - I pulled the DVDs out of their old cases to put them into their new homes.  Very time consuming - but not as time consuming as what came next.  I then went through all the empty DVD cases and chucked the cracked ones, then sorted all the others out to put on eBay (I hope someone wants them - I've got about 450 empty cases if anyone wants them!  Seriously!  Let me know!).

We had a lovely dinner - Wifey did a chicken breast in a scrummy mushroom & mustard sauce.  She's a whizz in the kitchen is my wife!  

Breakfast: low GI, gluten free granola-esque cereal, strawberries & yoghurt
Lunch: erm, fries & pizza...but the pizza had green on it ;)
Dinner: chicken breast in mushroom & wholegrain mustard sauce

Lazy days calling to you; come out to play, the future lies with you...

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