Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 10/04/11

Did not have a long sleep.  I fear I could be crabby today - EP needs his beauty sleep each night ;)

Wasn't too bad.  We opted not to have breakfast at the hotel, only by virtue of meeting up with a friend we met in Africa for brunch :)  Even though we had an 11am checkout, the hotel kindly had its housekeeping staff knock on the door at 9:50 to enquire as to what time we were checking out...  This could explain the huge number of people checking out on our floor when we did - earlier than the 11am one.

We were pleased we were able to leave the car in the carpark - if not only for the fact that they'd parked us in anyway.  Dumped our stuff in the car and then went off for brunch at Gus's.  Not healthy, but hey, who cares - when we're away we tend to splurge ;)

After an awesome catch up, it was back to the hotel and to the car...for the enthralling drive back up to Sydney.  Seriously, the Sydney-Canberra road has to be one of the dullest in the country ;)  The weather started to pack in, so it wasn't as much fun.  Coming into Sydney drove me even more insane as there was traffic everywhere (worse than usual) because of road closures for the triathlon.  Oh well.  Only delayed us for about 25mins.

We were only really home long enough to have a cuppa, throw a load of laundry on, pack the next cases and have a quick dinner before we were off again.  This time by train to the airport and then up to Brissie.

Got into Brissie just on 11pm.  I. Am. So. Tired.

Brunch: spicy sausage omelette & toast
Dinner: cheese toastie

Lugging our suitcase on & off trains and at the airport - pretty much all.

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