Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 06/04/11

When I got on the scales, I wasn't happy.  I mean, I wasn't disappointed or angry - just not happy.  Sure, I was 85.8 - up 100g on last week but given my spate of slackness, it's not terribly bad (shh, I'm trying to reassure myself!).

Today was one of those days where you just don't feel like working.  I did work, but the ol' heart just wasn't in it.  Perhaps I should start looking for something that will give me a bit more of a challenge in life?  I'm up for a challenge!  Well, perhaps not right at this moment in time.  

I'm getting over responding to enquiries and dealing with emails.  There's nothing...juicy.  Nothing to get my teeth stuck into.  I suppose, they are talking about a change in my job - until it happens though, I don't think much will be changing.

I should focus this energy into going to the gym more often - it was, after all, my grand plan.  I just haven't managed to get around to it yet.  Baby steps, someone told me.  I suppose that's a fair summary of things - I've only been a member of a gym for a couple of months.  If there's one thing I managed to take from the 12WBT it's not to rush into things like a bull in a china shop.  Slowly introduce things; give yourself a chance to get used to them - then rush in - lol.

Until I adjust to going to the gym, I'll plod along as per normal.  One day, before I know it, I will be that bull (hopefully not causing as much damage though!).

Breakfast: naked crumpets
Lunch: burrito
Dinner: vege bake

Lazy day...more and more of these occurring, huh?

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