Tuesday, April 5, 2011

12WBT - 02/04/11

Poor Wifey had to get up early today - when I say 'had to', it was self inflicted.  She has her haircut this morning.  I was thinking I'd laze in bed while she was away, but no chance of that.

I'm currently working on a PowerPoint presentation for her to use while she's away on a school retreat next week (aren't I a good hubby - thankfully it's something I enjoy doing so there ain't no probs there).  I suppose I should also do the housebi*ching chores while she's away - poor chook is well tired these days and could do with a bit of a break from the mundane.

Yep.  House ship-shape now.  Just waiting on her to come home so we can head off to the movies this arvo.  Booked in to see Rango (animated Johnny Depp flick) - the last of our cheap movie tickets.  Hope there aren't too many kids around.  I dislike going to movies when kids are there - loud, obnoxious creatures that they are.  I, of course, was never like that ;)

Movie was OK.  Wouldn't say it was the worst I'd ever seen.  Perhaps a bit more of an adults one than not.  We did manage to get some exercise in before the movie, too.  Wandering around the mall and then walking up all the stairs to get to the cinema we needed (could've used the lift but there were snotty-nosed kids about - lol).  There were a few kids but not as many as I had envisaged (or feared!).

When we got home neither of us were hungry so we went for a walk around the neighbourhood for about an hour and a half.  It was a pleasant night to do that - not too cold, not at all hot.  Walking around at night gives a different perspective on the 'hood as well.

Breakfast: three-egg omelette (with 1 yolk), onion, ham, tomato & spinach
Lunch: chicken schnitzel & salad
Dinner: slice of cheese & some spinach

Walking around the mall, including stairs; 90 min stroll around the neighbourhood.

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