Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 14/04/11

Firstly, happy birthday to the ol' lady.  Mum's 71 today - sheesh!  I must be getting old, too!  I remember when she turned 50!

I spent the whole day crunching numbers at work.  Not sure I know exactly what I was trying to achieve, but I felt well happy with the fact that the different ways I calculated things all seemed to fall within a similar range.  Go me!

Have to admit to feeling absolutely knackered - as the week progresses, I seem to be getting worse.  No idea what that's about.  Wonder if it's because my routine's been all up the sh*t this week?  Quite possible.

Wifey had her 1:1 with PT tonight.  Because it was at 5.30, I go up to the gym with her and do my own thing.  Wasn't sure exactly what to do tonight - usually I end up doing an hour on the treadmill.  Tonight, I told myself, would be different.  It kinda was, too.  Started on the cross trainer.  Figured I'd do an hour on that for a change.  Who the hell was I kidding!  After 15 mins, my legs were fair killing me.  I moved to my friend, the treadmill.  Did 30mins on there and thought that I should share the love with other machines that I've tended to ignore.  I finished the hour on the cycle (without adjusting it...dumb move).

Walking home I couldn't help but think back to Friday nights last year - I used to walk up to the gym to meet Wifey and walk home with her (never setting foot in the gym itself).  How the times have changed!

Breakfast: puffed rice & yoghurt
Lunch: leftover veggie stir fry (yum!)
Dinner: mustard chicken on polenta

Cardio - cross trainer, treadmill, cycle
Time: 58:42
Calories: 944
Average HR: 159
Max HR: 169
In zone: 19:05

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