Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 08/04/11

It's been an odd week.  I've been a rather unhappy camper with things - not sure why, either.  Just...general malaise?  Perhaps.  Boredom?  Most likely.

I've also been quite pants with keeping to a plan - in terms of exercise and diet.  This very much displeases me.  Sure, weigh-in wasn't as bad as I thought it might've been but you watch - next week it'll come back and well and truly bite me on the arse with a whopping increase!  What can you do?  Life gets like that at times and I'm trying to make a holistic change - something that allows for flexibility for life's curveballs.  Might not be working much at the moment - gimme a chance to find those tracks and get back on them, eh. ;)

Tomorrow is the Canberra 10km fun run.  Fun?  Run?  Canberra?  All in the same sentence?  Hmm ;)  I'm so not wanting to do it now - why do I do these things?

Road trip down to Canberra was, well, uneventful (God-damned boring might be a bit too harsh - but really does sum up that trip in a nutshell).  One thing that was a huge surprise was how quickly we got out of Sydney - especially for a Friday night!  Was good.  Nice smooth trip down, too.  I think I hurt poor Wifey's ears as I belted out songs.  Did a few choice dance moves, too.  (Am pleased none of this was recorded!!!).

Breakfast: puffed rice & yoghurt (back on the Jalna - doesn't taste as much like sour cream now!)
Lunch: Kebab (day three of eating out for lunch...)
Dinner: pizza (homemade - something quick before heading down the road...and leftovers for snacking upon during the roadtrip)

Well, sadly there weren't none today - unless you count wandering around for lunch?  Nope?  Didn't think so.

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