Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 07/04/11

Wandering up to the gym with Wifey, I was wondering what I should do.  We were running a bit late for us to get there in time for me to do my Thursday night spin class (of which I've not been to for a few weeks now :( ).  I guessed I'd end up on the treadmill for the hour - as is my usual "thing".  I don't mind it.  I get to zone out and just walk (occasionally run).  I had been on it for a couple of minutes when PT came up to see if I wanted to do our joint session tonight (since we're off to Canberra tomorrow night for the fun run).  I had no objections (short of just about getting into my stride on the treadmill).

Her plan of attack was weights.  For the most part, I really don't mind weights.  I think my issue with them is that they're not cardio and therefore I don't seem to find  I hate having to have the breather in between.  I know why it's needed but to me it's wasting time.  Sounds silly, huh?  Try explaining it to your PT without seeming like you're a fat, lazy, slovenly slob!  Not easy (though did make PT laugh).

My other issue with weights is that because I'm so not used to them, I feel like a bloody weakling compared to some of the steroid-laden blokes there (now, I'm only using the term 'steroid-laden' to try and make myself feel better about being a weakling - lol).

I think I'm getting a wee bit better with them - my poor left arm is struggling with things at times.  It's really not used to being anything more than an ornament, dangling off my body with no real purpose ;)  Maybe one day it'll be of use to me.  Not any time soon, anyhow!

Breakfast: boiled egg
Lunch: roast vegetable wrap
Dinner: 12WBT chicken laksa

Gym - started off being my usual treadmill session while Wifey had her 1:1 PT session - ended up being our joint session for the week (since we're off to Canberra tomorrow).  Weights.
Time: 56:00
Calories: 526
Average HR: 119
Max HR: 173
In zone: 14:37

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