Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 05/04/11

Ahh, Wifey's still away.  This means that my meals are, well, virtually non-existant.  Whenever I'm home alone, I really can't be arsed cooking for one.  I know, lazy, but still.  I find it pointless.  I've always much preferred, if I have to cook, to cook for a larger number - two is hardly worth it, but I will do so.

Aside from Wifey being away, I've done nothing all day (well, work aside).  Even work I didn't do much.  We went for a walk down to the King St Wharf Wagamamas for a change (from the Galeries Victoria one).  That's been about the excitement of today.

It's actually been relaxing having a mid-week day of nothingness (hence a short entry - makes for easier reading...if anyone's still reading).  Couldn't cope with too many of them though...

Breakfast: puffed rice, blueberries & yoghurt
Lunch: spicy chicken ramen (Wagamamas)
Dinner: erm, nothing

None.  Couldn't be bothered (as would only make me hungry and I can't be arsed cooking!)

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