Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 13/04/11

Nothing to report from today.  Was a quiet day.  Pretty much just sat at work and caught up on the last couple of days worth of emails etc.

The plan, when I got home, was to head up to the gym - or at least go for a walk with Wifey.  The reality, however, couldn't have been any further from this.  I am so overtired that when I walked in the door I pretty much headed straight for the bedroom to lay down.  OK, so that's a slight exaggeration.  I kinda helped Wifey with dinner - as much as I could, anyway.  Then I went to bed.  I feel like an old man - in bed by 8pm!  Sad much?  Mind you, there was good tele on so it's not like I'm sad and fall asleep straight away - lol.

Breakfast: toast - naked
Lunch: Cheese sandwich (all I could be arsed making last night!)
Dinner: vegetable stir fry

Zip.  Nada.  Nil.  None.

Oh God - how much was it to go up???  WTF?  It didn't!?  It went down.  Hallelujah!  Only down 300g but hey, I'm not complaining.  85.5kg.  Better than what I was fearing!

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