Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 09/04/11

Woke up bright and early - which caused no end of complaining from me.  Here we were, away from the normal distractions of home and able to sleep in but my body just never allows it!  Arrrrgh!  Anyhow, them's the breaks I guess.

After surfacing and wandering down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.  It was an OK breakfast - most likely one of the best we've had in an Australian hotel, but still poor compared to some we've had overseas.  Filled up for a day of strolling around the sites of Canberra (haha).  No idea why they scheduled the run for 4pm - am guessing it was so people could drive there from elsewhere? 

Because of a substantial breakfast, we opted to skip lunch in favour of a latte and cake around 1pm.  Most likely not the wisest of moves really.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the run.  Our enthusiasm levels were so far below zero it wasn't funny.  Got a cab to the event and milled around.  One of my workmates was doing the 5km run so we were there in time for that - she changed her mind and did the 10km with us.  This was good as her and I compete a wee bit (not much because we're about as good as the other and usually finish within about 10-15 seconds apart).

The run itself was as boring as batsh*t.  In fact, watching paint dry for an hour would've been as much, if not more, fun!  Would've been better if it hadn't been four laps around...nothing.  Oh well.  We did it - and my time improved slightly on the last 10km run we did (only by a few minutes but an improvement is nevertheless an improvement).

Me - looking knackered (I wish I paid attention to where photographers were...)
Following the eventful (haha) fun run, we went back to the hotel and freshened up.  We were then off to meet up with one of Wifey's childhood friends for dinner at her place.  It was a relaxing night, but I was ready for bed around 9pm - lol.

Breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, rhubarb, pears & yoghurt
Lunch: not really lunch, but we shared a lemon tart
Dinner: Thai - I wasn't impressed as it was ordered in for us and I don't tend to do Thai.  Not sure what it exactly was that we were eating...short of the boiled rice ;)

10km fun run
Time: 1:05
Calories: 1161
Average HR: 169
Max HR: 187
In zone: 3:46 (umm, how bad was this!)

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