Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 11/04/11

It was nice to wake up in the warmth again.  It wasn't a sleep in, but it was more than I've had for the last couple of days.  Okay, when my phone alarm went off at 5:45 I wasn't impressed, but I did easily drift back off after that.

Wifey was meeting up with one of her friends so I took the opportunity just to relax and do absolutely nothing - nothing at all!  It was bliss.

When Wifey got back we did go for a walk - most likely only about 30mins, but it was nice to be out and about (saving the ol' legs from seizing up - not that they felt like they were going to).  Wifey's mum very kindly made us borsch for dinner - which went down very well, especially with a few raw cloves of garlic...  Shame I've got the dentist tomorrow ;)

Breakfast: Special K & yoghurt, strawberries & raspberries
Lunch: wrap (lettuce, ham, tomato, capsicum)
Dinner: borsch & raw garlic

Gentle 30min walk around the neighbourhood.

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