Friday, April 15, 2011

12WBT - 12/04/11

Waking up was tough going.  Even though the alarm was set so we could have a sleep-in, I still woke up early.  Fear of what was to come, perhaps? ;)

After breakfast, we (Wifey, mum-in-law & I) piled into the car and headed for a family outing - to the dentist.  How unimpressed am I over this prospect?  It wasn't so bad - until I was told I had a small cavity - confirmed by the x-ray.  I begrudgingly allowed the filling to go ahead.  Even though I wasn't happy about this, it turns out that it was more than just the 'little black spot on the x-ray' and had I left it longer I ran the risk of it ending up being a root canal in the not too distant future...

Wifey and I then headed off to the jewellers who designed Wifey's engagement ring and our wedding bands.  Since discovering the 12WBT and losing weight (around 20kg since the start of round 3 last year), my poor wedding band has become a dangerous weapon - especially seeing as I use my hands to talk so much.  It flies nicely through the air!  Instead of getting it resized or having a ball bearing put in to help it fit better, I'm getting a new one (as it's easier than getting the old one adapted).  My ring size has dropped about 5 sizes (explaining the looseness, huh?).  Won't get it until mid-May (bloody Easter ;) ).

We then went out for a light lunch before wandering around Bulimba for a bit.  Sadly, this ended our time in Brisbane (for the time being) as we had to head out to the airport for the flight home.  The down side of coming home is not being able to step off the plane and walk straight in the door - lol.

Breakfast: toast
Lunch: roasted veggie & goats cheese tart
Dinner: chicken curry & rice (a la Qantas)


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