Tuesday, February 8, 2011

12WBT - 08/02/11

*** WARNING: Contains photos that may disgust...or at least make you laugh ;) ***

Y'know, it dawned on me that the program officially starts in about two weeks.  How quickly is time flying by?  I was going to be so good before it started and look at me!  Not doing anywhere as much as I wanted. I am telling myself that it's OK - the program hasn't really started.  Compared to the last round (pre-season, that is), I'm doing gooder ;)

Apparently photos from the SunRun are available.  I had a look.  I wish I hadn't now!  Ugh.  Red face.  Sweaty.  Looking like I was about to die.  Sums it up nicely.  Overall, most unattractive (not that there's much to start with ;) 

Hmm - can we say "knackered"?
On the plus side (yes, there might just be one), at least I was captured running (and not walking) - lol.  The other minor plus is that even I have to admit that I've trimmed down a little bit.  That reminds me - the photo of me taken in February 2007 - when I must've honestly been closer to 140+ than to the 125-130 I thought:

The things nightmares are made of...
I am so pleased I've 'discovered' fitness - even if I did have yet another night off (mind you, I had to do a few bits & pieces for work).

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: left over tofu & noodles from last night
Dinner: beef & black bean (well, red kidney beans) with a tomato & coriander salsa

See last paragraph above meals...  Lazy much!


  1. You're melting away. All your hard work is paying off! Looking good :)

  2. I think the running shot is great! Captures what the run is all about :) Hard work and persistance. Keep it up!

  3. Haha - thanks Cass. I was deffo melting that day - so bloody hot!

    @Lennie: Thanks. Great is stretching the truth but you're right; it does capture what it's about - sheer pain and agony ;) Loving them though - glutton for punishment? ;)