Thursday, February 3, 2011

12WBT - 02/02/11

On the train into work there were two very pesky flies.  They kept landing on my face and it ended up giving me the shits in a major way.  Instead of getting off at Town Hall, I jumped off early at Wynyard (I know, not much of a difference) - all because of flies!  It was rather nice walking from there to the office.  Only took at most 10 mins, but it was...refreshing and a good start to the day to boot!

Work was a day of sitting in meetings/interviews.  The only advantage to this was that I could control the air con (cranked it down to about 18 degs - it was niiiiiiice).  From 8.30am - 4pm I was in there.  At least I wasn't in front of the computer swearing at emails - haha.

Wifey and I wandered up to Crows Nest to get dinner.  We were being lazy.  The heat also put us off being in the small kitchen cooking.  Burger & chips - how bloody healthy is that? (At least they were from Grill'd, he says trying to make things sound better!)  Making it seem even healthier - we sat and ate it in front of The Biggest Loser *sigh*  There was an up side to this though.  I struggled to eat it all - and then my body told me, in no uncertain terms, that it did not appreciate what I'd put into it.

While watching The Biggest Loser, I remembered about a photo that was taken of me just before I left for London in 2007.  I've been saying that I was around 125-130kg at that time - but looking at the photo I think I've been under estimating just a tad!  Mind you, even if I was that, it means that I've lost about 40-odd kilos since then.  Go me - lol.  I think I might find a few pics of me over the last four years and pop them up.  It'll be embarrassing but it'll be cathartic...maybe.  Will do it over the weekend - give you nightmares ;-)

Breakfast: puffed wheat, blueberries & strawberries, LF Greek yoghurt
Lunch: 2 small sandwiches
Snack: CCs (hmm)
Dinner: chicken & brie burger, chips (*sigh*)
Dessert: icy pop

Just walking from Wynyard to work (10mins)...oh, and a brisk walk up to Crows Nest and back (25mins)

Weigh-in: 86.3 (down 2.5kg from last week)

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