Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12WBT - 15/02/11

EP doesn't cope well with late nights.  Getting up this morning was harder than yesterday - and I thought that was bad.  Not.  Happy.  Jan!

Work seemed to drag on - unlike yesterday.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the day, but crikey, it was as slow as the second coming...if not slower.  There's a few of us who sent group emails around for most of the day.  You'd think we had nothing to do.  I did.  Could I be bothered though?  Nah!

Not being bothered seems to have been a theme for the last few days.  I've not really been arsed doing anything that I want (or need) to do.  This will change.  I know it's just a passing fad.  Next week will be so different.  I say this with authority now...will most likely say the same thing this time next week, too - haha.

I was looking forward to the gym tonight.  If you hadn't picked up on it, I am loving spin classes.  Sadly, the bloke who was grabbing my fat rolls yesterday (I know, it's not a mentally pleasing way of describing it - and it's not entirely accurate either - but it sounds better) tells me I need to do more weights and less spin.  Pfft.  What would he know? (This is one of the biggest rhetorical questions in the world as, as lippy as I get with people, I would not ever contemplate saying this to him...EVER!)  Oh well.  I'm still going to go to two classes - hopefully PT will give me some things to do on my own.  If you knew me, you would know that those are words that I would never have said before - or even dreamt of saying.

Had to weigh in at that test thing yesterday.  Wasn't overly impressed with the result...mind you, I was fully clad.  That doesn't help much.  Be interesting to see what the scales say tomorrow.  Bet I end up having an argument with them.  Haven't done that for a few weeks - we must be due for a good ol' falling out again ;)

*grump*  PT sent a text.  I have a session with her tonight.  When will she realise that surprising me with things like this makes for a grumpy EP?  I don't have time to psych myself up for torture...

So.  How did the session with PT go?  It went OK.  Usual 5 minute warm up on the treadmill and then she gave me the option of what to do.  I think she knew it was a safe thing to do - I have no idea what I want to do.  I should've said weights, but instead shrugged.  She went for a mock pump class.  Having asked me if I would consider a pump class and getting my very blunt reaction she felt this would test me out - methinks it backfired on her as I'm adamant that I'm not going to do it.  I did kinda enjoy things though ;)

Breakfast: shredded chicken and a tomato (too lazy to get things ready last night)
Snack: mandarin and some mixed seeds
Lunch: 6" vegetarian sub (vege pattie, onion, tomato, capsicum, lettuce, jalapeno, cheese) - no dressing!  (lazy is not good...)
Dinner: falafel pita pockets (chilli, tomato, capsicum, onion, hummus)

PT session.  Weights.  Ugh.
Time: 1:03
Calories: 639
Average HR: 125 
Max HR: 170
In zone: 22:27

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