Sunday, February 13, 2011

12WBT - 12/02/11

Up bright and early this morning!  Okay, let's be honest.  5am was early.  Was I bright?  Hmm, I'm sure I don't need to answer that question, do I? ;)

Wifey and I met up with a fellow 12WBTer to go for a stroll.  Met at Cremorne and then went down for a walk along Balmoral beach.  It was nice - even if it rained on us (well, would've been weird if it rained on everyone else but us, wouldn't it?).  We strolled for about 1 3/4 hours.  After the walk, Wifey and I went home and pottered before heading up to the mall to get a gift for a friend.  Did this and then came home and went straight to said friend's place.  Was good to have a catch up - haven't done so since before Christmas.  Sadly, it was just sitting around chatting and watching a couple of DVDs (a great TV series called Kings (which I've just discovered is a one-series wonder, bugger it all :( ).

Breakfast: toast
Lunch: vege sticks, dip, cabanossi sticks
Dinner: rice, butter chicken, salads

Gentle walk
Time: 1:40
Calories: 412 (unimpressed)
Average HR: 91
Max HR: 129
In zone: 1:03 (hmm. Need to work on this!)


  1. 412 calories is not a bad thing!.....

  2. :) But I'm competitive with myself (and others) and know I could've done better. Mind you, I could've stayed in bed and watched a DVD, too ;)