Monday, February 14, 2011

12WBT - 14/02/11

Valentine's Day.  How does it start off?  With me really not wanting to get out of all.  Tired.  So very, very tired.  But wait, the day does get better (or worse, if you're me).  Went to see PT's coach for the Biosignature test thing.  Ohhh - having some sporty, muscular bloke grabbing my rolls of fat.  Such a romantic start to the day!

Seriously though, it wasn't too bad.  Short of having to be pinched by calipers, it was very painless - and quick.  First consult was only about 40mins.  We had a chat about the results and what they mean.  Was also told my body fat percentage.  Hmm.  I wasn't sure I wanted to know, but needed the shock to knock some sense into me.  I kinda zoned out a bit and think, but not sure, he said it was something like 28 or 29 percent.  I'm fairly sure I was expecting closer to 50 or 60 (remembering that when it comes to anything science-y, including physiology, I have no freaking idea!).  It sounds disgusting though!  I ended up being suckered into buying products, too.  Some pills - possibly vitamins ;)  Nah, they're a vitamin that will replace the multi-vitamin / vitamin C / magnesium ones I take on a daily basis.  There was also some seriously foul tasting (not even going to mention the look) liquid.  Fish oil apparently.  It smells and tastes like "lemon sorbet".  No bloody lemon sorbet I've ever had.  After a couple of hours of taking it, my stomach had stopped churning around.  I hope it's psychological and not a reaction to the fish oil (I don't do seafood at all).  Y'know, I even handed this guy my credit card and was too gormless to ask how much I was charged...

So, the chat we had was quite informative though.  Apparently I'm eating all the wrong foods - even though I'm eating what I thought was the right ones.  Damn, I don't get this fitness lark!  I need to really up my protein as what I'm eating is causing "insulin spikes" (uh huh - EP's brain switching off now...).  Just did a quick Google for 'insulin spike' and found this (not sourcing it as it's from a forum so can't say whether it's valid but it kinda makes sense to me...kinda in the sense that I was able to read it without wanting to switch off completely):

"In laymen's terms - it is essentially responsible for storing away the latent energy in the calories you consume. insulin drives glucose into your cells - it feeds your muscles as it were.

Foods that are high on the glycemic index (e.g., dextrose, or other "simple" carbs) stimulate a strong spike in insulin - "spike" just means that insulin levels rise and fall rapidly (good for a quick burst of energy but not for sustained endurance). Foods lower on the glycemic index (e.g., so-called complex carbs) stimulate a much slower insulin response allowing for a sustained release of energy. 

Generally speaking - bodybuilders desire an insulin spike only after a workout (they generally combine simple sugars with Protein) because they want the insulin surge to "feed" their muscles as quickly as possible (trying to use laymen's terms here!)."

The crux of the story is that he wants me to detox (I was really holding the tears back at this one as a friend at work had to do this kinda thing and it hurt her...and I laughed at her.  Bah!  Just desserts, huh!  Mmm...dessert... ;) ).  I'll get the plan later in the week.  Stay tuned.

Wifey and I spent our Valentine's Day evening out at the North Sydney Oval - they've got the Starlight cinema going so we went to see Breakfast at Tiffany's.  I love that movie.  More to the point, I love Audrey Hepburn.  Mmm.  Very pretty.  Of course, Wifey is too (but I can see her every day - shh, I didn't say that, you only imagined it :P ).  It was a great evening.  Very relaxed.  Everyone was happy.  The rain held off.  What more could I ask for (I know, a lot.  Let's leave that one for the time being - haha).

The walk home (only about 25mins) was quite refreshing.  It was a good night for a leisurely walk :)

Spin class tomorrow evening.  A different one to the one I usually go to (because I would've gone tonight, but was otherwise pre-occupied).  Hope I like it.  I don't do change.  Change is...annoying.  Just like me a bit.  Hmm...

Breakfast: cereal with linseed & LF Greek yoghurt
Snack: sesame seed, erm, thing
Lunch: sandwich (carrot, capsicum, Swiss cheese)
Snack: roasted chickpeas
Dinner: chicken salad (rocket, cherry tomatoes, cheese, grapes)

Walked to the outdoor theatre (about a 30min walk).  Steady pace (as we were running late-ish).  Oh.  We walked back, too.  That counts.  Huzzah!!

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